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Undoubtedly, a follow-up to the undiscovered film has been officially confirmed

It should go without saying, but there will undoubtedly be a sequel to the film Uncharted. Variety reported that Sony Pictures confirmed the movie during its recent CineEurope presentation.

The acclaimed action adventure game series from Naughty Dog is brought to the big screen in the Uncharted movie, but instead of following the path these games set forth, it creates a unique world and cast of characters. Victor Sullivan, played by Mark Wahlberg, asks Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake to help him find the Magellan treasure. With many references to the games and some excellent set pieces, it’s a passable action film.

The movie did extremely well at the box office, so it’s not shocking to hear that a sequel has been confirmed, even though fans have been critical of the casting choices. Furthermore, the first movie did a very good job of setting up a follow-up, even hinting at the appearance of Sully’s signature moustache. Since the second movie will be continuing this new version of the universe, we don’t expect it to directly depict any events from the games.

There are currently no details available about the sequel, but we anticipate that stars like Holland, Wahlberg, and Sophia Ali, who plays Chloe Frazer, will return. Director Ruben Fleischer is expected to return as well.

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