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What is going on in the new Ghostbusters trailer?


Love them or hate them, reboots and spiritual successors are simultaneously the easiest and the hardest way for any movie or game franchise to make money. On the one hand, you already have an established audience (take a look at anything Star Wars related and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary). On the other hand, this also means that you have an ...

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A battle of semantics: Ubisoft says The Division will have “no microtransactions”


Following the update to The Division’s Ubisoft Club rewards page that led to some (reasonable) concerns over whether or not The Division will be “pay to win”, Ubisoft’s Community Manager, natchai, stated that “There will be no microtransactions, and definitely no P2W” on Twitter. Normally, this would mean that the case is closed, the mystery is solved, and everyone can go ...

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Can Fallout 4’s upcoming DLC live up to previous Fallout DLCs?


Following up on one of the largest game releases in recent history, Bethesda has just announced that Fallout 4 will receive a substantial amount of DLC content. Among other things, you will get to go to Maine (to exterminate some dirty synths, if that’s what you’re into), fight the Mechanist and his robots in the Commonwealth, and capture some of the Commonwealth’s ...

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Grifball and more coming to Halo 5 in Hammer Storm update


Keeping up with their promise of free monthly updates to Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries has just announced the return of several classic gamemodes and features to the game. This February, you can expect to be able to grab all sorts of giant, explosive balls in Grifball, Assault, and Fiesta with the Hammer Storm update. Of course, you may ask, “But ...

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RWBY volume 3 review: once more, with feeling


At the end of the second volume of RWBY, everything seemed to be going so well for all the Huntsmen and Huntresses: Roman Torchwick is locked up in an airship, a Grimm invasion is repelled, and while the rest of the villains aren’t quite accounted for, they at least went back into hiding. True, some people got yelled at for letting ...

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