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Emma is an aspiring something-or-other with a love for video games fostered since childhood. She is more prone to rage-quits than she would like to admit. In her spare time, she runs her own blog and writes creatively.

First 3DS Langrisser Screenshots


It’s only just been announced and there are already some 3DS Langrisser screenshots to check out. The reboot is looking for a new look from its last installment from fifteen years ago and before. These screenshots definitely show an updated style at least to account for the new technology of today if nothing else. The Masaya Games catalog was recently acquired by ...

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More Details for Xenoblade Chronicles X appear


Monolith Soft has been trickling out information about the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X through their official website. The latest update gives a look at another character and some new concept art for the game. Reported by Siliconera, the character and art give some more insight into the story and world of Xenoblade Chronicles X. The character is Maurice, a former bureaucrat ...

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Persona 5 Gameplay Revealed in New Trailer


In their 30+ hour Persona live stream today, Atlus has revealed a new trailer that shows the first glimpse into Persona 5 gameplay. Not only that, but more details about the main characters and settings are revealed and there’s a short sample of the jazzy score played as well. The Phantom from this morning’s mysterious advertisement opens the trailer as some kind ...

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New Trailer for Final Fantasy XV Demo

FFXV new trailer

Square Enix has released a trailer for their Final Fantasy XV demo entitled Episode Duscae. The trailer gives some glimpses into the narrative and characters involved in the demo as well as some of the bigger monsters the player will have to face. The trailer for the Final Fantasy XV demo shows a lot of our heroes running around on ...

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Old Characters Return in Bravely Second


Square Enix keeps dropping new tidbits about the upcoming Bravely Second for the 3DS. The latest reveals shed some light on where the old protagonists from Bravely Default will be and how they will feature in the sequel title. Tiz Arrier, the main protagonist of Bravely Default, will be making an appearance in the new title. In the previous game, ...

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Compile Heart Countdown Site Teases New Title


There’s a new countdown site up from Compile Heart today. This is probably a tease for a new title, but the website itself doesn’t give much to go on for what this new game could be about. There’s eight days on the countdown clock, meaning that the news will be available on February 12. A new message will be shown ...

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More Theatrhythm DLC Comes to Curtain Call


Recently, the Final Fantasy rhythm game has been making music from outside the Final Fantasy catalog available for play through DLC. Recent additions have been popular songs from The World Ends With You, Chrono Trigger, and Bravely Default. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call has been rolling the new content out in installments in both Japan and North America. This installment of ...

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Borderlands 3 Confirmed by Take-Two Interactive


Even with Borderlands: The Handsome Collection given a release date of March 27 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it’s hard not to want some fresh Borderlands content. It looks like the series will be giving us just that with a brand new installment sometime in the future. This announcement was released in tandem with a report for Take-Two Interactive’s fiscal ...

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Hotline Miami 2 Gets Weird Release Date Reveal

Hotline Miami Sequel

After suffering from delays and eventually being pushed back to 2015, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number finally has an official release date. However, in keeping with the weirdness of the series, the announcement came in one of the strangest ways possible. Yesterday, Hotline Miami 2’s official Twitter account sent out a mysterious phone number with an area code in the ...

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Bandai Namco Trademarks Could Hint to Western Localizations


Recently, Bandai Namco filed trademarks for “Long Song” and “Lost Reavers” in both the United States and Europe as well as “Eyes of Heaven” and “Cinderella Girls” in Europe only. Reported by Gematsu, these trademarks are the most compelling proof yet that Western localizations are coming for a variety of anticipated games currently only scheduled for release in Japan and Asia ...

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