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A reporter by day, a freelance reporter by night - you could say I write a lot. Local news is the money job, but gaming news is the passion job. Want to play some Call of Duty? Follow me on Twitter @jgroganltg and let me know.

‘Complete’ War Thunder Exits Open Beta

Courtesy: Gaijin Entertainment

It’s been a long road, but titanic combat simulator War Thunder finally moved out of open beta and into real game territory Wednesday. Update 1.65 – codenamed “Way of the Samurai – puts the game’s total number of playable combat vehicles well over 800 and, developers say, marks the completion of its development. “After reaching this important development milestone, which ...

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Grand Theft Auto V Beats U.K. Sales Record

Grand Theft Auto V

While gamers’ eyes were still focused on the success of Titanfall 2 and Final Fantasy XV Monday, one three-year-old game slipped quietly into the annals of gaming history. Grand Theft Auto V, a critical and commercial juggernaut since its September, 2013 release, claimed its spot atop the list of all-time best-selling video games in the United Kingdom with more than ...

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Kikuta Wants Your Art for His Newest Albums

Hiroki Kikuta Degica RPG Maker Artwork Contest Music Album

Famed video game composer Hiroki Kikuta has two new albums, but no art for their covers. Under a newly-announced contest hosted by “RPG Maker” developer Degica Games, one artist will earn their work’s way onto the boxes of Kikuta’s latest albums – “The Fury” and “The Calm.” 【週刊ツクール】お待たせしましたコクラセ第3話がSteam配信開始!さらにRPGMakerWebでは、あの有名コンポーザーとのコラボコンテストが開催・・・!?https://t.co/wyVcsq8d8x pic.twitter.com/7FGIWlIJ1h — ゲームクリエイター@デジカ (@degica_game) December 16, 2016 Kikuta won international acclaim for ...

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