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Sebastian Guadalupe

Born in Peru, a student of Communications, and a dedicated xbox fan, Sebastian has loved videogames since he was 5 years old and he's determined to show the world that they can be art.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has revitalized Dragon Ball games

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Z has quite a history when it comes to video games, the simple yet engaging combat of the Budokai, the portable RPG goodness of The Legacy of Goku, or the chaotic fun of Budokai Tenkaichi. But things had been pretty miserable when it comes to Dragon Ball games after the Budokai Tenkaichi series ended back in 2007, and ...

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Hitman Season 2 announced – New Locations and missions

Hitman 2016

The 2016 version of Hitman will forever be an example of how opinion towards a product can change quite quickly, when it was originally revealed in 2015 opinions were mixed when regarding the release system and how a Hitman game was now going to release on an episodic format. However, things began to change when the first episode launched and ...

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Rumors say that Nintendo Switch launches on March 18th

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo held its cards for a long time when it came to revealing its new console, the Nintendo Switch, but everything seems to indicate that it ultimately worked. YouTube views of the first Nintendo Switch trailer are now higher than the most seen Wii U trailer, and general opinion regarding the Switch seems to be fairly positive, with people agreeing ...

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UK: Xbox One’s console sales beat PS4… again

Xbox One S

As the months go by it becomes clearer to the general public how much of a good decision the Xbox One S was, the Xbox One had a rough start and it could barely win some months in the United States against the crushingly powerful PlayStation 4, the Xbox division tried its best to improve the console’s image but it ...

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Owlboy has released after 9 years of development


Passion can make a project come to life, but dedication and conviction are the elements that keep it alive after troublesome times, that is the story of D-Pad Studio. Simon Andersen had the idea to make Owlboy back in 2007, and with a team consisting of 4 people (including himself) development of a demo of the game started on that ...

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Great and underrated games are now in Humble Bundle!

Chroma Squad

Humble Bundle has been an excellent, economical way of getting fun games for a very small price while helping charity at the same time. Ever since its first appearance in 2010 hundreds of games have been available, from Saints Row to Thomas was Alone, from Metro 2033 to Thief. And until the first days of October, there is not only ...

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Street Fighter V has underperformed saleswise

Street Fighter V

There’s no doubt that Street Fighter V has been well received by the Fighting Game Community, considering it had over 5000 entries at EVO 2016 and hardcore fans have been generally satisfied by the new mechanics and changes. But the mainstream audience hasn’t been as pleased, critics and buyers heavily criticised the game for the lack of fundamental content like ...

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Final Fantasy XV has finally gone gold!

Final Fantasy XV

This is it folks, we’ve been on this ride together, we’ve seen Final Fantasy Versus XIII take many shapes, change gameplay styles, graphics engines and even its name between the decade of development, and it has received all kind of attention from the gaming press and gaming public. But after ten years since its first announcement and after multiple delays, ...

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Batman: Return to Arkham suffers from performance issues

Batman: Return of Arkham

Remasters aren’t as easy as pushing a button, making a game from scratch on a different engine with different assets – even if the team is barely adding new content – is definitely tiresome work, that being said however, a bad remaster begs the question of why is the game even being remastered in the first place, when the game’s ...

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