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I'm a gamer and a massive fan of anime. I'm a massive simulator geek. Who isn't? Simulators offer me the opportunity to experience something I wouldn't otherwise. Have you ever driven a train? I haven't, and I probably never will. However Train Simulator 2015 gives me the opportunity to experience what it might be like. I'm also a big train and space exploration geek.

Tekken 7 Opening Movie Revealed

Tekken 7 Opening Movie

The opening movie for the arcade release of Tekken 7 has just been released. It features Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima as they battle atop a fiery volcano. The video prominently showcases the abilities that Kazuya has gained from the Devil Gene, as father and son continue their long-running feud. The opening movies in arcade releases can differ from the console versions, so fans ...

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Steam Introduces Inventory Service

Steam Logo Marketplace Platform Digital

A new Steamworks Software Development Kit (SDK) update has been announced (via VG 24/7). It gives video game developers the tools needed to introduce items that will appear in players’ inventory on Steam. The Steam Inventory Service changes the user experience on the biggest digital distribution platform for PC, Mac and Linux games. This optional service allows developers to create items that users will ...

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Contrast Developer Teases Next Project

Compulsion Games Contrast Developer

Compulsion Games has teased a new project that they have in the works. The developer has revealed that the new project is not a sequel to their 2013 puzzle platformer Contrast. It will involve “masks, drugs and memory loss, but we swear it’s not a swinger’s party.” The company has release two images that seem to show off the game’s visual style. This new ...

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Hitman Missions Available Through Arma 3 Mods

Arma 3 Videogame Hitman mod

The Arma series has been the source of many popular mods. The best known one is DayZ, a survival simulator, set during a zombie apocalypse. This Arma 2 mod proved to be incredibly popular. As a result, the developer behind the Arma series, Bohemia Interactive, decided to work with the modder to bring a standalone version of DayZ to PCs. Now, ...

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Major Armello Update Teased

armello logo

Armello developer, League of Geeks, has teased (via Pixel Dynamo) the first major update for this RPG. The Wicked & The Wanted v0.3.1. update will introduce 10 new cards. This update will allow players to “influence Armello’s courts or sink the Kingdom into darkness.” It will introduce new dark spells, items, tricks and a “torturous” treasure. A new feature that will be ...

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Orion Trail Kickstarter Announced

Orion Trail Ad

The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has been a massive boon for video game developers. It allows fans to support games they love and developers to take on projects that are not commercially viable. One of the newer projects on Kickstarter is Orion Trail. Players become the captain of a ship in this resource management simulation that lets players choose their own adventures. “In the game, ...

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Hunting Ground Announced For Secret Ponchos

Secret Ponchos logo

Secret Ponchos developer, Switchblade Monkeys, has announced the first major content drop for the top-down title. The Hunting Ground is an update that will include some fixes, free content and paid add-ons. The game has been criticized for not providing new players with enough support. As a result, the developer will introduce an in-game tutorial and make the practice mode more visible ...

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Q*Bert Rebooted Announced For PlayStation

Q*Bert Rebooted hexagons

Reboots, remakes and re-releases of classic games have become an important part of the current generation of video game consoles. It is no surprise that a classic arcade title will be joining the library of PlayStation games. Q*Bert Rebooted will be coming to the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita consoles. Fans of the series will be getting two games for the price of one ...

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Payday 2 Hype Train Event Announced

Payday 2 Hype Train Event

Payday 2 is a first-person heist simulator that offers players the opportunity to perform the perfect heist. Now fans of the title will be able to unlock special community rewards, according to a Polygon report. This can be accomplished by pre-ordering special add-ons as part of the Hype Train event. This event is running from February 5th to March 12th. Fans of the ...

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République Remastered Coming To PC

Republique logo

République is an episodic stealth survival horror title from a dedicated team of veteran developers. These developers have worked on some amazing video game franchises, like the Metal Gear Solid, Halo, Infamous and F.E.A.R. series. The title was released on iOS devices in 2013, however a release date for the remastered edition of the game has just been announced. République Remastered will be arriving on ...

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