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Ivan Mashkov

I'm a gamer and a massive fan of anime. I'm a massive simulator geek. Who isn't? Simulators offer me the opportunity to experience something I wouldn't otherwise. Have you ever driven a train? I haven't, and I probably never will. However Train Simulator 2015 gives me the opportunity to experience what it might be like. I'm also a big train and space exploration geek.

White Night Announced For PS4


Sony has just announced an old school survival horror adventure for the PlayStation 4. White Night is set in 1930’s Boston. It’s late, you’re heading home. You get into a car crash and need to find a place to stay. There’s only a deserted mansion nearby. Find your way through it with only a few sources of light illuminating the way in this ...

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Portal Mod Gets Green Light


Portal 3 has not been announced, however a Portal mod may interest fans of the series. Portal Stories: Mel has been approved for release through Steam’s Greenlight program. This Portal 2 mod will allow players to experience Aperture Science in the early years. The free mod will feature a brand new 1970’s style portal gun, new textures, models and animations. There are over 20 new ...

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Dying Light Mods Targeted by DMCA Takedown


The latest zombie title from Techland, the creators of the Dead Island series, may no longer support mods on PCs. Dying Light mods were targeted by a recent patch and DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) takedown notice, if a recent Reddit post (via Eurogamer) is to be believed. The post indicates that the recent patch v1.2.1 prevents the game from “looking for certain overrides in the Documents\DyingLight directory, such ...

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