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When he's not venturing Hyrule, he's probably out on the tennis courts. His Y-axis is always inverted.

Tattoos Won’t Ruin Your Apple Watch

Reuters journalist Matt Siegel inputs his passcode onto his Apple Watch as his tattoos prevent the device's sensors from correctly detecting his skin, in Sydney

In a statement published by CNN Money, Apple says, “Permanent or temporary changes to your skin, such as some tattoos, can also impact heart rate sensor performance. The ink, pattern, and saturation of some tattoos can block light from the sensor, making it difficult to get reliable readings.” However, are users really that concern about their heart rate? The way Apple ...

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Who’s Going to the Video Game Hall of Fame?


The World Video Game Hall of Fame. It’s located in  New York (check it out if you get the chance). Here, games are memorialized for their impact on gaming, their popularity, even their geographical reach. Recently, the WVGHF announced that these 15 games were the finalists. This came after sorting through thousands upon thousands of entries.  Starting from the 1972 to 2009, ...

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Half Life 3 Confirmed?


Could it be? Has Valve finally dropped the ball and announced Half Life 3? A mysterious count-down has appeared on the Black Mesa website, with the infamous G-man lingering in the background. He doesn’t say anything, he simply serves to stare into your soul as you watch the seconds tick by. Despite the fact that it’s a website, the repeating buzz in the ...

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Windows 10 Coming to Xbox One

Windows 10 on Xbox One / photocredit Engadget

In the light of the recent Windows 10 announcement, Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 will be coming to the Xbox One, the new HoloLens, and other mobile devices. What does this mean for the future of Microsoft’s gaming products? Gamers will be able to experience their console games from the comfort of their laptops, but only on a local ...

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The Last of Us offering standalone DLC


‘The Last of Us’ may be the most talked about and well regarded video game last generation. Developer Naughty Dog wants to ensure that every PlayStation owner can experience their most recent project. Originally released as DLC for the PlayStation 3 and later bundled together with the current generation’s remastered edition, ‘The Last of Us: Left Behind’ follows protagonist Ellie before the ...

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Halo Tournament Cancelled? C’mon Microsoft

Halo Tournament 2015

When the Halo Master Chief Collection was released, Microsoft promised to bring back all the good ol’times we had in Halo 2, Halo 3, even Halo. Even though it was the greatest exclusive to own, there were underlying issues that followed it’s release. These issues involved the multi-player where gamers found it difficult to party up with each other. When the game was ...

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Take a look at Verdun, the first WWI FPS


World War I, the pinnacle of trench warfare. For as long as the FPS genre has been around, shooters have ranged from World War II to battles in space. It was only until now that a PC developer brings a horror like this to life. Crafted with an authentic feel, players will find themselves charging across the front in what ...

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Gears of War Remastered Announced

Gears of War

A remastered edition of the first Gears of War has been announced for the Xbox One. News of this came about from gaming website Polygon, who has reportedly seen screenshots of the multiplayer. Coincidentally, this defeats the rumors that a Marcus Fenix Collection would be able for the Xbox. On their second update of the article Polygon said, “We’ve seen some multiplayer ...

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Black Ops III Reveal: A Titanfall Clone?


After a series of leaked details and images, Treyarch and Activision decided to go the extra mile and revealed their trailer for the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise: Black Ops III. In lieu of the advanced warfare idea, players will be given futuristic toys to play with, but at the same time, it seems as though someone ...

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Square Enix Hosting It’s Own E3 Press Conference

E3 2015

Square Enix has hopped onto the bandwagon with Besthesda, and Ubisoft, in providing their own press conference. This is the first time, since 2012, that Square Enix has done this. The last time they hosted a press conference, they were announcing the Luminous game engine. What do they have in store for gamers? So what do we know about Square ...

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