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I'm a college student studying journalism, and when I'm not studying, I'm writing here at LTG. I love indies and AAA's alike - I'm just a lover of this medium in general.

Twitch Bans Streaming Of AO Games


Months ago, the gaming community – and those outside of it – were up in arms over the trailer for the game Hatred. The trailer featured explicit violence with no comic undertones, and was labeled by many as something without any taste. Apparently, those working at Twitch have agreed with that camp. As part of their official blog, twitch has ...

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Digital Board Game Armello Coming To PS4


Playstation 4 is keeping true to its reputation of picking up the best indie games for its platform. Armello came out on Early Access recently to critical acclaim, and League of Geeks (Armello’s developer) has announced that this digital board game will be rolling its way onto PS4 soon. With this new platform, some new opportunities open up for Armello that ...

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Evolve Gets A Free New Arena Game Mode


Evolve came out a few months ago, and while some people took issue with the DLC that was dumped out on the first day, the game was still good. Offering a life-or-death hide and seek game mode in this asynchronous PvP game was ingenious, and feels good on both sides. While some people love Evolve’s unique feeling of tracking down a ...

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Mozilla Takes New Direction With Firefox Mobile OS


Mozilla, the company who made the Firefox browser, has put out an email recently detailing their plans to expand their new mobile effort, nicknamed the Ignite Initiative. In it, they talked about what they’ve learned from their efforts to create a $25 smartphone with their new Firefox OS, and what they plan to do with it in the future. According ...

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Destiny’s “House of Wolves” Story Review


For Destiny fans, it’s been a long 6 months waiting for the arrival of the House of Wolves expansion. During this time, we’ve been running along the proverbial hamster wheel doing the loot grind as we waited for something better. Fast forward to April 22nd, where Bungie began the House of Wolves reveal livestreams by showing off the Reef, and ...

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According To Google, Your Secret Questions Aren’t Secure


For years, one of the barriers that we’ve set up against hackers took the form of secret questions. “What’s your mother’s maiden name?” or “Who was your best friend in high school?” are questions that we often put answers to in order to lock down access to our accounts, but according to Google’s study, they aren’t doing very much to ...

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eSports Don’t Need To Be Considered A ‘Sport’


The incomparable Jessica Conditt, senior reporter at Engadget, recently put up an article about eSports, and their merit as sports. This has been a debate that’s raged on since the dawn of eSports, and everyone seems to have an opinion. In her article, Jessica likens hockey to a real-life game of League of Legends, with players all having designated positions and ...

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Spotify Makes Huge Changes – Videos And Podcasts Coming


Spotify has been a blessing to those who want vast collections of music at their fingertips. After being one of the primary internet music streaming services for seven years, the company has announced that it intends to be much more than just a music platform. Bringing mood-based playlists, podcasts, news, and video to the mix, Spotify has begun branding this movement ...

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Battleborn Projected To Release In 2016 – Will Come To E3


Last July, Gearbox revealed an impressive trailer for their newest title, Battleborn. The game is meant to be a first-person MOBA complete with a cooperative campaign, to be released for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. With its stunning visual style and promise to bring the ever-so-popular genre of MOBA’s to a console audience, Battleborn is guaranteed to be an important title. ...

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