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Pokemon Expressions Enhanced Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller – Price, Release Date

Pokemon Expressions Wireless Switch controller

The Nintendo Switch has a variety of different controller variants to play around with, but this upcoming one is for the Pokémon fans out there. PowerA is set to release a new Pokémon-themed wireless Nintendo Switch controller, which will launch next month. Amazon recently posted a product page for the PowerA Pokemon Expressions Enhanced Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller, revealing things ...

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake CD Soundtrack – Price, Release Date

Final Fantasy 7 Remake soundtrack

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake launched for PS4 earlier this year, and despite its faults it successfully brought the beginning of the beloved RPG into the modern era of gaming. One of its strongest aspects is its soundtrack, and we have some new information to share on when you can pick it up. Amazon recently posted an official product page ...

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Rumor: WB Montreal’s New Batman Game Announcement Coming Soon

Batman New Game 2020

Following the massive success of the Batman: Arkham games, fans of the caped crusader are thirsty for the next adventure. While things have been silent for several years now, it looks like the curtain on the next game is going to finally be pulled back in the near future. A report from Geeks Worldwide journalist James Sigfield claims that WB ...

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PlayStation 5 Size: It’s The Biggest Sony Console Ever

PS5 Reveal

Yesterday we saw the long-awaited reveal of the PlayStation 5, and it looks like Sony’s definitely looking to take things in a different direction this time around. With a more futuristic design and a black and white aesthetic, it serves as a big departure from the much simpler PS4. However, size continues to be a big question mark for the ...

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Death Stranding PC System Requirements & Download File Size

Death Stranding PC specs

The previously PS4-exclusive Death Stranding from Hideo Kojima will be making its way to PC next month, bringing the divisive game to a new platform and new audience. Of course, there’s always the question of whether or not your PC will actually be able to run the game, but now we have that information for you. The Minimum and Recommended ...

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Call Of Duty 2020 Logo Leaked

call of duty black ops 2020

Another year means another Call of Duty game, which is something that those with even a slight interest in gaming have come to accept. While the recent free-to-play Warzone battle royale game ensures fans currently have something to do to pass the time, the next main installment is in the works and it looks like the official logo has leaked. ...

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Resident Evil 8 Pre-Order Listed By German Retailer

Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil 7 was a huge success for Capcom, as it successfully brought the series back to survival horror after it went off the rails for several years. While it has already been three years since that game launched, it looks like an announcement for the sequel is on the horizon as yet another retailer has acknowledged the game’s existence. ...

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