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Crisan Mircea

I'm a journalism graduate and an occasional gamer. As a kid I used to own a NES clone called "Terminator 2", which was hugely popular in my country. I like old school games and adventure games but I occasionaly play RPG's and Shooters as well, though I wouldn't call myself an expert at these kinds of games. When I'm not writing or playing games I prefer reading detective or fantasy novels.

Civilization V is free on Steam this week


With Civilization: Beyond Earth coming out on October 24th, 2K Games decided to help fans of the series pass time easier. This week, Civilization V is free on Steam. Usually, Civilization V costs $29.99 on Steam, with expansion packs available either individually or through the Complete Edition. The individual DLC, such as Brave New World or Gods and Kings each ...

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Bethesda says The Elder Scrolls Online patch fixes skill experience issues


Bethesda announced that the maintenance of their Elder Scrolls Online North American megaserver is complete and that everything is back to normal. Following the maintenance, Bethesda also released Patch 1.4.7, which according to them, fixes one of the two major issues with skill experience. More specifically, due to these problems, players are lead to believe that their skill experience is rolling ...

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New Total War: Attila trailer shows how the game handles assaults


A new trailer for Total War: Attila was released, showcasing the game’s fire effects and how it will handle assaults against settlements. The first thing you’ll be able to see is the city of Londinium burning. According to the developers, fires can break out in cities due to burning projectiles or marauding soldiers. Once a fire is started, it can spread ...

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Here’s what games to expect in the coming week


While most of the highly anticipated games of this period, such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition or next-gen versions of GTA V are only coming out next month, October still has a few releases that are due to arrive. Read on to find out what titles you will be able ...

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Visceral is changing Battlefield: Hardline based on the beta feedback

Visceral Games is making several changes to Battlefiled: Hardline, after receiving feedback from players who participated in the game’s beta. The same feedback was also the cause of Battlefield: Hardline’s delay to 2015. Among the changes implemented in the game, cops and criminals will now be able to carry their own, specific weapons. Furthermore, RPG’s and mines will be harder ...

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Watch 9 new Far Cry 4 features in this gameplay video


A Far Cry 4 gameplay video released by Outside Xbox unveils 9 new features that will be present in Ubisoft’s upcoming game, apart from the elephant riding and the kicking ability that were already showcased. First of all, Far Cry 4 has a new karmic system that gamers might not like too much. It works like this: you are awarded ...

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Halo: The Master Chief collection is now available for pre-download


Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the highly anticipated pack which brings the series’ classics to Xbox One, is now available for pre-order and pre-download on Xbox Live, according to Microsoft. Through The Master Chief Collection, for only $59.99, you will get four past Halo games, the Halo: Nightfall miniseries and the Multiplayer Beta for Halo 5: Guardians. The Halo games ...

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Ubisoft says The Crew will hit 60fps on PC


Ubisoft announced that they are working to remove the 30fps cap that PC users encountered during the closed beta. According to the developer, if your hardware supports it, you will be able to run The Crew even at 60fps. While the Xbox One and PlayStation versions are locked at 30 frames per second, Ubisoft decided that there is no need ...

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Project Cars was delayed until March 2015


Bandai Namco announced that their upcoming racing game, Project Cars, was delayed so that the developer, Slightly Mad Studios can polish it and because of the high competition they have for the holiday season. There was no shortage of delayed games this autumn. After Batman: Arkham Knight, The Witcher 3, Dying Light or the PC version of GTA V, Project ...

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