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Crisan Mircea

I'm a journalism graduate and an occasional gamer. As a kid I used to own a NES clone called "Terminator 2", which was hugely popular in my country. I like old school games and adventure games but I occasionaly play RPG's and Shooters as well, though I wouldn't call myself an expert at these kinds of games. When I'm not writing or playing games I prefer reading detective or fantasy novels.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity trailer presents the game’s characters


With less than a month left until the release date of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Ubisoft is busy promoting their game as much as possible. For this reason, the developer just released a brand new trailer, in which voice actors present the characters they play within Assassin’s Creed: Unity. The first actor to speak about his character is Dan Jeannotte, who ...

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Xbox One bundles offer Assassin’s Creed: Unity for free


Microsoft announced that they are releasing two Assassin’s Creed Xbox One bundles, in time for the holiday season. The bundles contain not one, but two completely free games from Ubisoft’s historical action series. Through a post on the Xbox website, Microsoft revealed the two Assassin’s Creed Xbox One bundles, which will soon be available worldwide. The first bundle includes the ...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition: Hero of Thedas trailer released


Bioware released a brand new trailer for their upcoming game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. The new video is called “The Hero of Thedas” and it describes the hero’s quest thorought Dragon Age: Inquisition. Judging by what’s said in the trailer, in the game players will take control of a hero that is believed to be the an agent of the Maker. ...

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Google announces the Nexus Player specs and release date


After announcing the Nexus 6 phone and the Nexus 9 tablet, Google went further and revealed their new console, the Nexus Player, as well as its specs and the date that pre-orders begin at. The Nexus Player, according to Google, allows its users to watch their favorite shows or to play Android games on their TV screens. Apps such as ...

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Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth gets a new trailer


2K Games released a cinematic trailer for the upcoming Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth turn based strategy game. The teaser explains the game’s story, setting up this new installment of the Civilization franchise. Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is the spiritual successor to the 1999 game Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. It is built using the same engine that was used ...

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-order bonuses revealed


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, this year’s entry to the CoD franchise is not out yet, but developer Sledgehammer Games are trying to get players to pre-order the game by offering several tempting bundles. The two editions offered by Activision and Sledgehammer are Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Advanced Arsenal, which includes the Bullet-Brass exoskeleton and the Bullet-Brass EM1 Quantum. ...

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Killer Instinct: Season 2 is available now


Microsoft Studios and developer Iron Galaxy announced that Killer Instinct: Season 2 is available worldwide starting today, the 15th of October, exclusively on Xbox One. According to the announcement, the second season of Killer Instinct will contain new features, customizations and content for both the single player and the multiplayer modes. According to the developers, Ultratech, the in-game company that ...

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Crusader Kings 2: Charlemagne DLC is available now


Paradox Development Studio announced that Crusader Kings 2’s eighth DLC, called Charlemagne is now available, along with the 2.2 patch, which adds new stuff into the game and fixes some issues. Crusader Kings 2 Charlemagne DLC will take place in A.D. 769, and it will feature a story event set around the rise of the Holy Roman Empire. Other features ...

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EA announced NBA Live 15 features and game modes

EA announced the improvements made to the game modes in their upcoming basketball game, NBA Live 15, the main rival of 2K Games’ NBA 2K15. From stable servers to new and upgraded features, Electronic Arts showcases what they have in store for this entry in the franchise. The developer emphasizes the importance of being connected with friends and with the ...

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