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Freelance writer with a love for gaming. Have owned pretty much every console and handheld from the last 15 years. When I'm not writing about games, which I am most of the time, I tend to be reading, writing about sport, binge watching shows on Netflix...or playing the odd video game.

EA profits rise by 51%

EA has seen its earnings rise by 51%. The full figures from April to June show that profits for the publisher rose to $335 million from $222 last year. The report from EA reveals that strong sales from titles such as Titanfall and FIFA 2014 has helped to increase profits. The publisher also stated that the release of new consoles, ...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition pushed back to November

BioWare has today revealed that the release date for Dragon Age: Inquisition has been pushed back to November. The game was due to release October 7 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, but will now hit store shelves a month later on November 18 in North America and November 21 in Europe. Mark Darrah, executive ...

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Battlefield Hardline delayed until early 2015

Visceral Games has revealed that Battlefield Hardline has been delayed until 2015. In a post on the official Battlefield website the company explained that they have made the decision to push the release date of the game back as they want to further improve it. The post states that Visceral Games began considering additional gameplay ideas in after receiving feedback ...

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First 100 Forza Horizon 2 cars revealed

Microsoft has revealed 100 cars that will feature in the upcoming racing game Forza Horizon 2. The news post on the official Xbox website notes that each car has been built “from the ground up” specifically for the title, with the developers focusing on making the most of the power available through the Xbox One. The post also discussed some ...

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Bungie ordered to pay Marty O’Donnell $95,000

A King County Superior Court judge has ordered Bungie to pay Martin O’Donnell $95,000 in legal costs and compensation. The judgements accounts for unpaid work and unused vacation time amounting to $38,385 along with damages of $38,385. The rest of the settlement comes in interest and legal fees. The court order comes after O’Donnell sued Bungie and chief executive Harold ...

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European Commission issues new rules for free-to-play games

The European Commission has released its findings into an investigation into in-app purchases that began in February. According to the European Commission games should no longer be advertised as free if they contain any type of microtransaction or in-game purchase. They should also not attempt to exhort children into buying items and adequately inform customers about payment arrangements. Another rule ...

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Naughty Dog considering The Last of Us sequels

The developer behind The Last of Us is considering working on a sequel to the game, saying that not doing so would be “disservice to ourselves and our fans”. However, Naughty Dog have yet to decide whether they will work on a new game in the series, with The Last of Us having a self-contained story. In an interview with VideoGamer, ...

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Dance Central Spotlight coming September 2

Dance Central Spotlight screenshot

Harmonix has announced that Dance Central Spotlight is releasing September 2 on Xbox One. The game, which was first shown at Microsoft’s press conference at E3 in 2014, will be available on the Xbox Game Store for just $9.99. The low cost is due to the fact that Dance Central Spotlight only comes with ten songs. This will allow users ...

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Harmonix hints at next generation Rock Band

Harmonix has made a survey available to users asking about the future of the Rock Band series. The survey suggests that the developer may be looking at bringing back the music series. The short survey asks a number of questions about Rock Band. It asks how regularly gamers play the game, how often players buy DLC and on what consoles ...

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