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Freelance writer with a love for gaming. Have owned pretty much every console and handheld from the last 15 years. When I'm not writing about games, which I am most of the time, I tend to be reading, writing about sport, binge watching shows on Netflix...or playing the odd video game.

Bungie unsure if Destiny beta progress will carry over to the retail version


Bungie has revealed that they are still evaluating whether progress players make in the beta for Destiny will carry over into the full game. Speaking to Eurogamer, community manager David Dague went into detail about the consideration the developer would have to make before deciding whether any experience and items players achieve will transfer to the full retail release. “The beta ...

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Further changes to Battlefield Hardline announced


Another round of changes has been brought to Battlefield Hardline thanks to feedback from beta testers. The Community’s Most Wanted List sees developer Visceral Games looking at the most requested changes by those who have played the game and making those changes. The latest edition details changes that include balancing the mechanic class so that it is better suited to ...

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Windows Phone 8.1 coming to Lumia devices today


The latest update for Microsoft mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.1 has begun to roll out today on Lumia devices. Launching alongside the brand new Lumia Cyan update, the operating system will begin arriving on the Nokia smartphones today. You can check when you are going to receive the update by visiting this site. Microsoft has confirmed though that it ...

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Star Citizen gets new stretch goal


Chris Roberts, the boss of Cloud Imperium Games, has announced that the next stretch goal for the crowd-funded Star Citizen will be the addition of alien languages. Speaking in a blog post on the developer website, Roberts explained that if funding reaches $50 million the team will work on increasing the immersion in the game by adding unique languages created ...

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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty pre-order incentives announced

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty screenshot

Just Add Water have revealed the pre-order incentives for the upcoming Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. Pre-ordering the game in the United States or Canada will get players access to an extra mission that will release as downloadable content after launch. Those who pre-order will also get a brand new costume to use in-game. For those in other territories, the DLC ...

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Oculus cancelling the orders of eBay resellers


Oculus VR are cancelling support for those re-selling the Oculus Rift headset on sites such as eBay. Speaking on the official developer forums for the device, a community manager revealed that selling the development kit was against their terms of use and that they would cancel shipments to those who are doing so. “”We found this guy’s order and cancelled ...

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EA reveals cover and release date for FIFA 15


The cover and release date of FIFA 15 has been announced by EA. The title, like the previous two iterations, will feature Lionel Messi on the front cover globally. Each region will receive unique variations based on players from local leagues, but the Barcelona star and Argentina captain will be features across all versions. The publisher confirmed that the game ...

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Nvidia to launch their own streaming device


According to the BBC, Nvidia are preparing to launch their own gaming device. It is set to run the companies GeForce Experience system, which allows players to stream games directly through their PC. The new gaming machine will be able to boost its processing power on the road by linking up to a PC that has a more powerful graphics card ...

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Xbox One now supports trial versions of games


Microsoft has announced that games on the Xbox One can now use the trail system that was common on the Xbox 360. Previously the console only allowed for demos. However, these are separate titles from the actual games themselves and force developers to spend time putting them together. They also mean gamers have to make two separate downloads if they ...

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Destiny beta access gives players 3 downloadable codes


Those with access to the Destiny beta that is due to release next week will get access to three separate download codes. Bungie’s official site for redeeming the beta codes states that: “Platform selection for the Beta is now available! Each code will grant you 3 download keys, enough to field a full Fireteam on the console of your choosing!” ...

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