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Galea Razvan

I'm Razvan, a sports and first-person shooter enthusiast. I've always loved writing, even more so when it involves games. When I'm not playing on my PS3 or writing, I like to run exhausting cardio workouts, play soccer, watch a good movie, or read a good book.

From gaming console to notebook: The XBOOK ONE is here to stay


This brilliant idea comes from a talented hardware modder, Edward Zarick, who is no stranger to building custom Xbox console-based notebooks, baptizing them “XBOOKS.” Having his hands full in the past customizing Xbox 360 consoles, he found himself on the spot with the appearance of the new Xbox One and knew he had to turn his attention to this new ...

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Microsoft’s latest bold concept: Playing Xbox on your PC browser


Silicon Valley giant, Microsoft, has been reportedly testing out new ways to innovate its Xbox console gaming experience. According to Neowin, Microsoft is trying to bring Xbox games to PC via an internet browser. This might sound crazy, but latest feeds from the company show that they have in fact build a cloud-based gaming service that seems to be working ...

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