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I enjoy playing pretty much any type of game out there. My passion lies in finding the gems of the indie gaming world. When I'm not playing games, I'm programming them, at the gym, or tending to my small army of cats. Writing has always been a part of my life and I'm grateful for the opportunity to get my content out there for people to see.

Slow Down, Bull: First Impressions


*To be clear, this is not a full review, it is just a quick rundown of my first impressions after completing the first three worlds of the game* For those who don’t know, Slow Down, Bull is Insomniac’s first ever PC release. The game was created as more of a design experiment by designer Lisa Brown, who was asked to ...

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Releases for the Week of April 19-25, 2015


As we all know, keeping up with new releases can be a full-time job, and it’s really easy to miss games that have been on our radars for months. This weekly releases series aims to compile a short and simple list of the major releases of each week. There are some great games on the horizon this week, so make ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Garbage Day

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_428481609_preview (2)

Today’s Greenlight standout is Garbage Day, an open world sandbox game where you control a man who is stuck in a Groundhog Day-esque timeloop, meaning that he lives the same day over and over. The first thing that came to my mind upon seeing this idea is that there are no consequences for actions. No matter what you do in ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Shop Keep


Today’s Greenlight spotlight focuses on Shop Keep, a tycoon-style game by Strange Fire that puts you in the shoes of a shop keep in a fantasy adventure environment. While this is not a completely new idea, see Recettear, it definitely takes that concept and puts a nice personal spin on it. Shop Keep differs most noticeably in the fact that ...

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Ultimate Chicken Horse: Anger Your Friends


Ultimate Chicken Horse, by Clever Endeavor Games, was a game recently introduced to me by the developers via Twitter. While I had heard of the game prior to the mention, I had not spent much time researching what the game was actually about. In a nutshell, Ultimate Chicken Horse is a platformer that lets the player build his or her ...

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Even the Ocean is…


What is Even the Ocean? This is a question that I had upon being introduced to the game for the first time through Twitter. After discovering the pinned tweet on the top of their Twitter, I began my journey into understanding what the game is actually about. According to that post, Even the Ocean is about working for the city. ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Mute Crimson+


Today’s Greenlight picks were looking a bit grim, so I was very happy to come across a game that I found quite interesting. Mute Crimson is a game that had an unsuccessful run on Greenlight in its initial debut, but is now giving it another go and hoping to make it through. The allure of Mute Crimson comes from its ...

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Hostile Takeover: The Manipulators

walkers final

My research today was rewarded with the discovery of an interesting RTS title that I had not heard of before. The Manipulators is a RTS-stealth hybrid where you control an alien race who uses parasitic powers to manipulate and control the beings of Earth. The game has a strong focus on creating solid AI and implementing a well-designed stealth mechanic. ...

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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Trench


Today’s Greenlight spotlight is on Trench, an underwater 2.5D shooter developed by Howling Hamster Games. Trench caught my eye because it’s neat visuals and the idea of a shooting game based around a submarine. I’ve always been a fan of underwater environments in games, and there aren’t many games that choose it as their overall theme. However, Trench makes fantastic ...

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Whodunit?: Devil’s Bluff


My most fond memories of playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion are from the Whodunit?-style quest that the game contains. I cannot tell you how many times I went back and replayed that quest because I just adore that sort of a murder mystery. I was also a huge fan of clue growing up, and these two passions of mine ...

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