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Tekken is due to burn up screens once more

tekken 7 analisys

The groundbreaking albeit slightly sexist, over-exaggerated, and sinister fighting video game possibly in all of time, Tekken 7, is back on screens in early 2017 on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Tekken series has a long history with the first game’s release date dating back to 1994. Bandai Namco Studios initially released it as an arcade game ...

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The stunning Kingdom Hearts returns

kingdom hearts returns

The popular Kingdom Hearts series is back with a new game featuring three titles from the series. The high-definition remastered collection will include the original Kingdom Hearts X story and an aftermath plot – from the standpoint of Aqua – that follows the events that occur in Birth by Sleep, also titled A Fragmentary Passage. The new game also includes ...

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Another bout against despair begins in Danganronpa V3

dangaronpa v3 released

A new fight against despair begins in Danganronpa V3. Spike Chunsoft has announced that the release date for New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shingakki will be on January 12, 2017 in Japan, and that the game will be available on the following platforms including the PS Vita and Playstation 4. This upcoming title will be the third instalment in ...

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‘Period Cube’ hits US in 2017

Period Cube in 2017

Period Cube is another otome title developed by Otomate; Aksys announced that it would release the game in 2017 alongside three other otome visual novels. The game’s release date was earlier this year on May 19 in Japan. Otome fans can once again expect to immerse themselves in a story brimming with romance in a distinct and novel context with ...

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Layton Returns after a 4 year hiatus

professor layton returns

A new game from the widely popular puzzle game series Professor Layton, developed by Level-5, is back in 2017 featuring a completely new cast of characters but with the same premise as the previous games. This time around, Level-5 has convened with A-1 Pictures to bring us the title Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy. This new story is a ...

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The US awaits the release of Collar x Malice


Aside from Code: Realize ~ Future Blessings ~ otome fans can also look forward to the upcoming release of the otome game, Collar x Malice. Collar x Malice is a love, suspense, and adventure visual novel devolved by Otomate and Design Factory for the PS Vita. The game’s initial release was in Japan on August 18 and during the most ...

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Code: Realize fandisc set for release in North America in 2017


After the reigning success of the riveting game, Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth~ among other otome titles, Aksys Games made a huge announcement at the 2016 Anime Expo regarding the release of the fandisc titled Code: Realize ~ Future of Blessings ~ in the year 2017. Otomate first released the original game titled Code: Realize ~ Guardian of Rebirth ...

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