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I’m Load The Game’s co-founder and community manager, and whenever I’m not answering questions on social media platforms, I spend my time digging up the latest news and rumors and writing them up. That’s not to say I’m all work and no fun, not at all. If my spare time allows it, I like to engage in some good old fashioned online carnage. If it’s an MMO with swords and lots of PvP, I’m most likely in it. Oh, and if you’re looking to pick a fight in Tekken or Mortal Kombat, I’ll be more than happy to assist! Connect with me by email markjudge (@) loadthegame.com only

Destiny’s “House of Wolves” Info Leaked

Destiny: House of Wolves DLC release date

A new leak has shown off potential descriptions of items, missions, weapons, and armor for Destiny’s newest expansion, House of Wolves, and Reddit user megamanexe4 gained access to the currently-hidden content and claims that it is all due to unlock on May 19th. That date is a Tuesday, which would fit with both the game’s weekly reset and the release ...

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Assassin’s Creed: Rogue to Support Eye-Tracking Tech

Assassin's Creed: Rogue will feature eye-tracking

Ubisoft announced recently that all PC gamers will have a chance to play Assassin’s Creed: Rogue with eye-tracking software. The technology allows an eye tracking piece of hardware, made by SteelSeries, to link the player’s view directly to that of the main character. The system works with the SteelSeries Sentry, an eye-tracking device announced last summer. This leap into eye-tracking will ...

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New Call of Duty Confirmed for 2015


Activision on Thursday announced that it will release a new Call of Duty game this fall, and will be produced by developer Treyarch. This is Treyarch’s first Call of Duty game to be developed on Activision’s new three-year, three-studio development schedule. The developer’s most recent game was 2012’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and they first developed Call of Duty: ...

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Mortal Kombat X System Requirements Revealed

Mortal Kombat X System Requirements

Unlike Mortal Kombat’s signature catchphrase, the system requirements will not finish off your computer. The game will run surprisingly well on an average computer without running too hard. According to PCGamer, the recommended specs to play Mortal Kombat X on PC is: OS: 64-bit: Win 7, Win 8 Processor: Intel Core i7-3770, 3.4 GHz | AMD FX-8350, 4.0 GHz Memory: ...

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GTA 5 Sells 45 Million Copies

GTA 5 Sales

During an investor’s call, publisher Take-Two interactive revealed that their huge franchise, GTA V, has sold over 45 million copies across all consoles. While this number represents how many copies “sold-in” to retail, 45 million copies is still a gigantic sell represented by their statistics. The game debuted last year for Xbox 360 and PS3, and was more recently released on the ...

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League of Legends Tournament Removes Restriction on LGBT Players

LoL Tournament

After facing an insane amount of backlash, a League of Legends women-only tournament , called the Iron Solari, has removed its restriction on the number of LGBT players. The e-sports league, Garena Philippines, instated a policy saying that each team could not have more than 1 gay or transgender woman for the entirety of the tournament day. Ironically, Garena said it ...

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New ultimate skin for League of Legends Champion!


After an official teaser from Riot Games and a few smaller leaks, all of DJ Sona’s splash arts and videos of her abilities were leaked today on a Chinese website, possibly prompting Riot to make an official announcement earlier then intended. DJ Sona is the new ultimate skin, just like Pulsefire Ezreal and Spirit Guard Udyr. Ultimate skins in League ...

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MineCon 2015 Details Announced


Good news for Minecraft fans; Mojang has announced that MineCon, the annual Minecraft convention, will return in 2015. The popular convention used to be held every year, but Mojang skipped last year. Even though Microsoft currently owns the rights to Minecraft, it’s expected that Mojang will still take part. The studio who created Minecraft says that MineCon is the place ...

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Sony Online Entertainment to Become an Independent Company


Sony has sold Sony Online Entertainment, creators of EverQuest, PlanetSide 2, DC Universe Online and the recently released H1Z1 to an investment firm by the name of Columbus Nova. Sony Online Entertainment, now with the name of Daybreak Game Company, will now be able to release games onto the Xbox platforms, along with continuing to release games on the PC, mobile, and PlayStation platforms. ...

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