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I’m Load The Game’s co-founder and community manager, and whenever I’m not answering questions on social media platforms, I spend my time digging up the latest news and rumors and writing them up. That’s not to say I’m all work and no fun, not at all. If my spare time allows it, I like to engage in some good old fashioned online carnage. If it’s an MMO with swords and lots of PvP, I’m most likely in it. Oh, and if you’re looking to pick a fight in Tekken or Mortal Kombat, I’ll be more than happy to assist! Connect with me by email markjudge (@) loadthegame.com only

Dota 2 gets its first update of the year

The first Dota 2 update for 2015 has arrived

Valve just announced the first update of 2015 for their highly popular massive online battle arena, Dota 2. While the last couple of updates for the game have been quite substantial, this particular one is very small and brings only a few changes to the table. First off, the company says that normal All Pick matches will use the same alternating ...

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Black Desert’s Tamer Class Revealed

Black Desert's Tamer class is revealed

Black Desert is the upcoming MMORPG from developer Pearl Abyss. The game is in beta at the moment, and recently had a new class revealed: the Tamer. With the beta going strong overseas, we got a glimpse of a new class that is coming to Black Desert: the Tamer. Coming this month, the trailer (seen below) for the Tamer does ...

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Rare Teases at a “Huge Year”

Rare teases at a big year

Rare, the developer behind titles such as Banjo-Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day, has been developing motion-based games under Microsoft for awhile now. Recently, the sound designer for Rare announced that the company is expecting a big 2015. On Twitter, Robin Beanland, composer and sound designer for Rare, was asked if 2015 would be a great year for the company. ...

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Dying Light Trailer Shows Off Be the Zombie Mode

Dying Light

Dying Light is the upcoming zombie survival horror title from developer Techland. Today a new trailer for the game was released, showing off the title’s “Be the Zombie” mode. Today a trailer for Dying Light‘s multiplayer mode was released, which can be seen below. The trailer shows what it looks like to take over as a zombie, and become the ...

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Hellblade Will Release on PC

Hellblade will release on PC as well as PS4

Hellblade is the latest title from developer Ninja Theory. The game was announced to be coming to the PlayStation 4, and it seems that it will be releasing on PC as well. At Gamescom, Hellblade was announced to be coming to the PlayStation 4. The game was set for a 2015 release, and was described as a “independent AAA” title. ...

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Evolve Goes Gold, Opening Cinematic Released

Evolve has completed develpoment

Evolve is the upcoming shooter featuring asymmetrical multiplayer from developer Turtle Rock Studios. The developer has now announced that the game has gone gold, and has released the game’s opening cinematic as well. Turtle Rock Studios has announced that their upcoming title Evolve is ready for manufacturing. To help celebrate, publisher 2K Games has released the game’s opening cinematic, which can be ...

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GTA 6 set in Portland? Some people certainly think so

GTA 6 should be placed in Oregon according to a couple of real-estate agents

About one year ago, people were wondering if GTA 5 would ever make it to the PC and next-gen consoles. Now that’s not a subject for debate anymore so it’s time to speculate on the next title in the series, namely GTA 6. While there are no official details regarding the game just yet, a couple of real-estate agents have apparently ...

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Minecraft Viewed More than Beyonce on YouTube


Minecraft has become a video game phenomenon. Now it seems that the game was one of the most searched terms on YouTube last year. In 2014, Minecraft was the second-most searched term on YouTube in 2014. The game beat out Disney’s hit movie Frozen, and singer-songwriter Beyoncé. In a post on Think With Google titled “Think Gaming Content is Niche? ...

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