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I’m Load The Game’s co-founder and community manager, and whenever I’m not answering questions on social media platforms, I spend my time digging up the latest news and rumors and writing them up. That’s not to say I’m all work and no fun, not at all. If my spare time allows it, I like to engage in some good old fashioned online carnage. If it’s an MMO with swords and lots of PvP, I’m most likely in it. Oh, and if you’re looking to pick a fight in Tekken or Mortal Kombat, I’ll be more than happy to assist! Connect with me by email markjudge (@) loadthegame.com only

Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing will be focused on games


Microsoft has revealed earlier that their Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing will begin on June 9 at 9:00 a.m. PDT and will be focused on games more than anything else. The company states that during the briefing viewers will be treated to in-depth looks at previously announced games. Microsoft also said that trailers for unannounced games coming in 2014 will ...

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Eve Online turns 11 years old


The popular – yet very hardcore – MMO Eve Online turned 11 years old today.  To mark the momentous occasion, CCP Games sent out to all players a small “token of gratitude”: three in-game drones called Gecko super heavy drones to help players in their online quest. CCP also announced that eight more drones will be unlocked by the community ...

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WildStar Open Beta starts May 8th


NCSOFT has announced earlier that the Open Beta for the highly anticipated MMORPG Wildstar will start next week. The upcoming game is being developed by Carbine Studios, a company founded in 2005 by former members of Blizzard Entertainment. The beta will take place from May 8th until May 18th, and will allow players to advance their characters up to level ...

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Samsung Galaxy S6 concept features metal chassis


The Samsung Galaxy S5 was released only a short while ago, but it appears that rumors about its successor, the Galaxy S6 are already starting to surface. A recent concept presents us with something we wouldn’t normally expect from a Galaxy S device. Designer Jermaine Smith shows what the Samsung Galaxy S6 might look like if it was made from metal ...

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HTC One Mini 2 is on the way according to leaks


An image posted on Twitter by notorious tipster @eveleaks reveals that a smaller version of HTC One M8, dubbed HTC One Mini 2 is in the works. We’re not sure how legitimate this information is, but the user has a pretty good track record when it comes to leaking information about upcoming smartphones. HTC One mini 2, 2014 pic.twitter.com/s3wXCD1gyA — ...

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Google Glass struggles with decline


Google Glass is, no doubt an interesting prototype, but unfortunately it lost its popularity among users sooner than expected, due to the all the flaws this project turned out to have. First of all, many haters believe Google is not a company that should deal with devices such as this, Google is all about information, and it should focus on ...

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Tales from the Borderlands first screenshots revealed


The first screenshots from the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands were posted on the PlayStation blog a short while ago. The game is being developed by Telltale, best known for creating The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead series. Just like their previous titles, Tales from the Borderlands will also be an episodic graphic adventure game. Telltale explains that ...

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Dark Souls devs working on something new called Project Beast


Multiple screenshots that hint at a new game developed by From Software have leaked these past few days. Their next title will allegedly be named Project Beast. The images made their way to NeoGAF after being found on 4Chan. From what we can see the new game appears similar in style to Demon Souls and Dark Souls. The screens feature a ...

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