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Old-school gamer with a cheeky tongue that gets me in trouble. When I'm not playing games, I'm writing about them, preferably in the vicinity of a fridge! Oh, and if you're a Justin Bieber fan, I'm afraid we can't be friends!

More Restocking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo

Now that the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo (Sora from Kingdom Hearts) has been released, restocks in recent weeks may allow you to complete the collection. Comicbook.com reports that GameStop is refilling four Ultimate amiibo in North America. Charizard, Pikachu, R.O.B., and Duck Hunt amiibo. These are all available for pre-order, with the official re-release on April 26, 2024. ...

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Planet of Lana Switches Off-Earth Odyssey Next Month

Thunderful and Wishfully revealed Planet of Lana for Nintendo Switch this spring during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase last November. This week, it was reported that Switch and PlayStation will release the game on April 16, 2024. Planet of Lana launches April 16th on Nintendo Switch & PlayStation! Get ready to explore a breathtaking world with your loyal companion Mui as ...

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Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons Gets Free April DLC

The 2023 triumphed. Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons gets free DLC next month. Maximum Entertainment will release the free “Sacred Reunion” DLC for Double Dragon on April 4, 2024. All platforms will get “new modes, characters, online co-op, and more.”. PR about it: “Ranzou will make his grand return following his last playable appearance in Double Dragon IV, where he’ll ...

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Super Mario Run has just received a new update, bringing it to version 3.2.0. Let’s take a look at what this update includes

Last year, Nintendo’s mobile runner, Super Mario Run, received some unexpected updates. Now, in 2024, the latest patch (Version 3.2.0) is here, indicating that the game’s updates are still ongoing. This update introduces new features for an upcoming event and also includes several bug fixes. Allow me to provide you with a summary: Here are the patch notes for the ...

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Potential suspects for the upcoming animated series of Among Us The Last of Us, Lord of the Rings, and Community Stars

The initial lineup of voice actors announced for the upcoming Among Us animated series is truly impressive, featuring a constellation of renowned stars. This mystery has attracted an impressive lineup of voice actors from the worlds of film, TV, and video games. It’s clear that the talent involved in this case is top-notch. Randall Park portrays “Red,”  the captain of ...

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Update on launch issues for Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection

Numerous online issues have hampered the recent release of Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, as many players have undoubtedly noticed. Aspyr, the developer, has recently issued a statement on its forums regarding the network infrastructure. They have acknowledged the occurrence of “critical errors” and are actively working to resolve these issues. Below is the complete statement: We’d like to thank ...

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Potential leaks suggest that Valorant may be making its way to the Nintendo Switch

According to a recent datamine of Riot Games’ highly acclaimed free-to-play shooter Valorant, there have been some intriguing references discovered that may suggest a potential release on the Nintendo Switch. Speculation has arisen regarding the possibility of a Nintendo version of the game being developed. There are alternative theories that propose the possibility of game-specific controller support. In addition, the ...

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