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My life-long dream has been to test out every gadget on the market! Considering the fact that I've rapidly destroyed almost every gadget I've had so far, I'm not inclined to owning something, so my ideal outcome would be to have a different gadget each month. I'm really into smartphones, wearables and tablets and I love Playstation and Xbox, I'm sure I'll beat you at your own game (after a month of training... or two)

Microsoft launches affordable Surface 3 convertible, new pens, keyboards


Microsoft has surprised everyone with a fresh new addition to their Surface convertible line-up: the affordable Surface 3 convertible. Most of you are probably most familiar with the Surface Pro 3, which is an expensive, but powerful convertible device from the Redmond giant. Microsoft decided to go the affordable way this time, and launched the new, super-cheap Surface 3, a ...

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Xiaomi event: special edition phone, big TV, strip


Xiaomi had a big birthday party planned for today, as it marks the 5 year anniversary of their mobile products. The Chinese company promised surprises for today, but while many people were hyped about new hardware, it turned out that Xiaomi didn’t have too much novelty up its sleeve after all. The highlight of the event was actually a fashionable ...

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LG G4 gets Snapdragon 808 CPU, April release date


The LG G4 is the next big thing everybody is waiting for, right up there next to the iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and the Sony Xperia Z4. LG has been rather mum about what the LG G4 will bring to the table, but they did spill the beans about the new flagship being “surprising”. The latest leak that comes from ...

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Cheap HTC tablet coming on April 8


HTC has scheduled a mysterious event for April 8, and rumor has it we’ll be meeting the new HTC Tablet then and there. Although the previous venture HTC had with the tablet market was not that good, the partnership with Google that ended up releasing the Nexus 9 was a pretty good endeavor. The Nexus 9 is one of the ...

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OnePlus Drone confirmed by Carl Pei in AMA


First off, let me just say that we’re not sure if OnePlus founder Carl Pei was joking or not, so take this with a grain of salt. It seems that a OnePlus drone is coming up and is in the works from the company that took the tech-world by storm last year with the OnePlus One. Now, the OnePlus Drone ...

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Xiaomi Mi4 running Windows Phone spotted in the wild


Microsoft announced a surprising partnership with Xiaomi, starting with enhancing the Xiaomi Mi4 with Microsoft’s own Windows Phone ROM. The partnership means that users who choose to, will be able to flash a Windows Phone ROM onto the Xiaomi Mi4, a feature which will most likely expand to all Android smartphones in the future. Until now, Windows Phone came pre-installed, ...

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ISPs required by law to block torrent and piracy sites


Internet service providers in Australia might be hit with a new piece of legislation soon that will require their action in the prevention of piracy in the online medium. A new bill called the Copyright Amendment was brought in front of Parliament in Australia today, proposing the complete block of websites that may contain and distribute copyrighted materials. The legislation ...

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Twitter launches Periscope to take on popular app Meerkat in streaming


Twitter has been pretty vocal about its reluctance to accept Meerkat, the recently uber-popular video streaming app that has surfaced in the past few weeks. After blocking streaming from Meerkat, Twitter has finally taken a step forward and announced its own video streaming service, dubbed Periscope. Meerkat has risen to the top of trending apps and topics on Twitter thanks ...

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