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My life-long dream has been to test out every gadget on the market! Considering the fact that I've rapidly destroyed almost every gadget I've had so far, I'm not inclined to owning something, so my ideal outcome would be to have a different gadget each month. I'm really into smartphones, wearables and tablets and I love Playstation and Xbox, I'm sure I'll beat you at your own game (after a month of training... or two)

Android 5.0.2 now available for Motorola Moto E through XDA Developers


A diligent developer over at the XDA forums has released a new custom ROM for the Motorola Moto E, based on Android 5.0.2 and CyanogenMod 12. Officially, there isn’t an update or an official ROM from Cyanogen available for the Motorola Moto E, but considering that there are thousands of users of the budget handset out there, developer percy_g2 thought ...

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Project Zero is code for Galaxy S6 AND Google’s new policy


Project Zero nowadays is directly related to the new flagship Samsung is launching at the MWC 2015 next month, the Galaxy S6. As it turns out, Project Zero is not just the code-name for the Galaxy S6, as Google has adopted the name for their security team that developed a new bug disclosure policy it will be enacting. Project Zero ...

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Sony smart glasses developer edition is rather expensive


The Sony smart glasses are now up for pre-order and will be officially launched and demoed in March, most likely at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2015. What’s surprising about the Sony smart glasses is their price, which is rather high for the developer edition. They are still cheaper than Google Glass Explorer, which cost $1500, but they are still ...

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Galaxy S6 wireless charging feature confirmed by Samsung


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are coming to the Mobile World Congress in March, but the South Korean company has spilled the beans about a feature we didn’t expect to see on the phones. Samsung revealed that 2015 is the year of wireless, which makes us think about wireless charging, naturally. It seems that the company will ...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 release date, specs and features leaked


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is supposedly the next compact tablet from the South Korean smartphone giant and rumors say that the company will follow in the lines of Project Zero and completely redesign the device. Samsung is reportedly aiming to compete against Apple’s iPad offerings with the Galaxy Tab S2, as reports from SamMobile state that the device will ...

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HTC Desire Eye vs HTC One M8: which has better bang for buck?


Both the HTC Desire Eye and HTC One M8 are flagships of last year, one more appreciated than the other. The HTC Desire Eye reflects the Taiwanese company’s attempt and recent trend to create smartphones that are centered around their camera performance. When the Desire Eye was launched, HTC also demoed the Eye Experience camera software and Re Camera, which ...

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Qualcomm thinks 2K smartphones will be mainstream soon


Qualcomm, one of the most popular mobile chipset manufacturers, has detailed its views about smartphone displays in the future in an interview. Qualcomm VP of Marketing, Tim McDonough, has talked to TrustedReviews about what the company thinks is ahead for smartphone displays and they seem to be confident that 2K smartphones will soon become the norm. With the LG G4 ...

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HTC One M8i mid-ranger coming to the MWC 2015


It seems HTC won’t just be focusing on flagships this year, as rumor has it that the HTC One M8i might also make an appearance at the MWC 2015 in March. The Taiwanese company is preparing to launch the HTC One M9 at the show, confirming the name and the “One Life” logo in a recent leaked listing on their ...

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Install Windows 10 Preview on any Windows 8 Phone


Curious to see the Windows 10 Preview for smartphones on your device? Angry that the preview isn’t officially available for all Windows 8 Phones? The diligent developers over at the XDA Developers forums have found a solution for you, albeit a bit unorthodox. Last week, developers managed to make Windows 10 Preview accessible for all Lumia devices running Windows 8, ...

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LG G4 release date postponed to April


Many were confident until now that the upcoming LG G4, the successor of the acclaimed LG G3 would make an appearance at the Mobile World Congress in March 2015, in Barcelona, Spain. The latest rumors, however, say that the South Korean company might be postponing the LG G4 release date to April in order to avoid competition with Samsung. Samsung ...

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