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Team Liquid

NA LCS Spring Playoffs: Team Liquid Secures Third Place

The North American LCS Spring Playoffs continued this Saturday as Team Impulse and Team Liquid faced off against each other in the third place match. After a tumultuous season in which both of these teams faced their fair share of ups and downs, each team was so close to reaching the finals, yet were unable to beat TSM and Cloud 9. ...

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NA LCS Spring Finals

NA LCS Spring Finals Preview

It is finally here! After three months and over 100 League of Legends games, the finals for the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split will take place this Sunday as Team Solo-Mid face off against Cloud 9. Though this season of the LCS has been filled with a large number of surprises, having these two teams meet in the finals is ...

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NA LCS Semi-Finals Recap: TSM v. Team Impulse

The Semi-Finals for the NA LCS Spring Playoffs concluded on Sunday as defending champions Team Solo-Mid faced off against LCS newcomers, Team Impulse. TSM has long been considered the best team in the North American LCS. Since the league’s creation, there has not been a single finals which the team has not played in. With a roster featuring some of the ...

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ESL to bring Mortal Kombat X into the Pro League lineup

The release of Mortal Kombat X is just around the corner, and Netherrealm Studios is making sure that you’re excited about it. They’ve trickled in character reveals, teamed up with System of a Down for the launch trailer, and even released a “companion app” to help tide us over until release day. The game plan for generating hype has been ...

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NA LCS Semi-Finals Recap: Cloud 9 v. Team Liquid

The NA LCS Semi-Finals kicked off Saturday with a match between second seed Cloud 9 and sixth seed Team Liquid. Though they looked dominating in last week’s match against Counter Logic Gaming, Team Liquid were huge underdogs in the semi-finals. Cloud 9 is often considered one of the top two teams in the LCS. This season, they had a rocky ...

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Why Heroes of the Storm Could Be the Next Big MOBA

It seems that every couple of months new MOBAs are being released. Though some of the genre’s new comers are able to find a decently sized fan base, none of been able to truly challenge the stranglehold that DOTA 2 and League of Legends hold on the genre. However, there is a new challenger on the horizon that is looking ...

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SeatStory Cup III is live this weekend!

Usually when I think of an large invitational tournament, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge cheering crowd, players duking it out on the main stage, and production values that are starting to rival that of major sporting events. What you will find while watching this particular tournament is something more intimate. The third iteration of the ...

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Can MLG.TV challenge Twitch’s streaming service?

If you were to travel back in time about ten years and tell me that one day in the future that people would flock in drones to watch people play videogames, I probably would have called you crazy. I also would have been very wrong. What used to be a pipe dream for gamers has quickly become today’s reality. In the ...

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Enemy Esports LoL

Enemy Esports Wins NA Challenger Series

For the past two months, six of North America’s best amateur League of Legends teams have been competing against each other in the North American Challenger Series. Last night, the season finished as Enemy Esports defeated TDK in a best-of-five match. With a convincing match score of 3-1 Enemy Esports proved to everyone that they really are the best amateur ...

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Create a bracket for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Dorm tournament and win prizes

Anyone feeling the NCAA March Madness hangover are in for a treat. Place your bets, because Blizzard is hosting a nationwide tournament affectionately dubbed ‘Heroes of the Dorm.’ Puns aside, the tournament is limited only to college students where the winning team will receive college tuition. With a total of 64 teams, each team will represent their university. The final four ...

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