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Mortal Kombat 1 Launch Trailer Ushers in New Era

Mortal Kombat 1’s launch trailer was released early by NetherRealm Studios to hype fans. The launch trailer shows Fire God Liu Kang creating a new world in this “reboot”. But we also see Shang Tsung and his general Reiko fighting. The trailer only briefly mentions Shang Tsung’s death, but the gameplay snippets show it in all its gory glory. Reiko ...

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Voice actor Ash Ketchum shares last recording’s emotional moments

As you may know, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu’s original Pokémon adventure is ending. It coincides with the show’s 25th North American anniversary. Sarah Natochenny, Ash’s voice actor, has shared a special clip with fans after saying it’s been a “extraordinary privilege” to voice the character for 17 years. It shows her filming her “last scene of Pokémon: To Be a ...

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Phil Spencer of Xbox ‘Had A Blast’ Playing Super Mario Bros

Many are getting hands-on with the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Wonder, releasing October 20, 2023, at Nintendo Live in Seattle. Phil Spencer, Xbox’s head, said he “had a blast” playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder (thanks, Pure Xbox). The message includes a cute photo of Phil against the stunning Super Mario Bros. Wonder backdrop. Check it: Had a great time ...

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The Switch Remake Announcement “Very Surprised” Super Mario RPG Director

Super Mario RPG for Switch was the biggest Nintendo Direct surprise. Updated 3D graphics and cinematics remake Square’s 1996 RPG. Chihiro Fujioka, one of the original directors of this classic, was as surprised as fans were by this announcement. Fujioka told a fan on social media he wasn’t involved in this updated version and was “very surprised” but “incredibly pleased” ...

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Brendan O’Brien, 60, Crash Bandicoot Voice Actor, Dies

Crash Bandicoot voice actor Brendan O’Brien died at 60. O’Brien voiced Crash Bandicoot, Neo Cortex, N. Gin, Nitrus Brio, and Tiny Tiger in the PS1 trilogy and other characters in spinoffs like Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash. Fans are sharing emotional memories of O’Brien’s work on Legacy and social media. PS1 hardware prevented extended line reads, but a well-delivered ...

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Switch Hogwarts Legacy Delayed to November 2023

Hogwarts Legacy for Nintendo Switch will launch on November 14, 2023, after a nearly four-month delay. Developer Avalanche Software says the delay is to create “the best possible experience”. On May 5, 2023, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released the game, which topped the UK boxed charts again. Hogwarts Legacy launches on Nintendo Switch on 11/14/23. We know fans are ...

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15th Anniversary: LostWinds Launched Today

LostWinds, a WiiWare launch title and one of the console’s best bite-sized games, turns 15 in North America today. Frontier Developments published LostWinds in the West, but Square Enix published it in Japan in December 2008. The game briefly appeared on iOS in 2011 and was added to Steam in 2016. Frontier Developments’ LostWinds won IGN’s 2008 Best Use of ...

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The Kickstarter goal for Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Board Game was exceeded by 6,000%

Heroes of Might and Magic III, a vintage RPG, has been turned into a board game, and its Kickstarter campaign has already raised more than 2.6 million pounds. That’s a 6000% increase over the £43,000 fundraising target. All of you desire this. Are you certain that you want it? The board game combines exploration and competitive deckbuilding, with 1-4 players ...

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