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Samsung teases through Indian web store

Samsung’s Galaxy line receives a new phone

The Newest Samsung Galaxy Phone, The ON8.  One of India’s top Tech and accessories shops have just teased the release of a new Samsung Galaxy phone. This new Samsung galaxy phone is to be called the Samsung galaxy ON8. As the shop is gearing up for a Big Billion Day sale event they have given a special thanks to they ...

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PARC drone

UPS Delivery Flying Drones?

Recently a UPS drone has been spotted flying 3 miles dropping a asthma inhaler to a summer camp on a island in the Atlantic. While this is not new technology, as amazon and other company’s have carried heavier items further and for longer than eight minutes. The trial was a test drive by UPS with the intent for a drone that provides ...

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Microsoft Adds Samsung Gear VR Controller Support?

Yesterday Microsoft announced the controller support for Minecraft Gear VR Edition. This is only for the new Bluetooth Xbox one controller, Microsoft have stated that fans attending Minecon this year can get hands-on time with this tech, they have also said that they are trying to add support for future and older Gear VR games. This seems to be a ...

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Star Wars the Old Republic !

The Old Republic and the Star Wars EU

As anyone who loves Star Wars will know, Lucasfilm is now under the control of the titanic mouse-eared corporation, Disney. And prior to the release of The Force Awakens, Disney made a controversial decision: all the content outside the movies and the television shows was declared non-canon. Hundreds of books, comics and games that made up the Star Wars Expanded ...

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Hammer Bees

Danes make a projectile bee simulator

Black Grain Games, an indie developer from Copenhagen has just released a casual action puzzler for the iOS and Android platforms. Hammer Bees seems to derive its gameplay from the classic Arkanoid. It involves slingshot bees that bounce on collisions. The player needs to launch bees to hit the wall at the far end of the play area and carve off some of it. Obstacles ...

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Feral Interactive brings Deus Ex: Mmankind Divided to Linux and Mac

DX: Mankind Divided will connect to new platforms

Cyberpunk lovers with alternative tastes in computing hardware should rejoice. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is also coming  to Linux and MacOS before the end of this year. As the title is getting stellar reviews already, this is sure to be a quality adaptation, even though the specs have not yet been released for neither platform. This announcement comes directly from Feral Interactive, ...

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Titanfall 2 – The immersive clothing line

In preparation for the launch of Titanfall 2, in the 28th of next month, Merchoid unveiled their Premium line of Titanfall 2 clothing. If you’re up and hyped about this, then go and check it out as it’s already on sale. The gear consists of a hoodie, a pilot bomber jacket, six t-shirt models and an embossed cap, most of ...

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We Happy Few – First Impressions

We Happy Few is one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Trailers and early-access gameplay blew gamers away last year – since PAX East 2015, it’s been near impossible to talk about upcoming games without someone mentioning We Happy Few. Now, players on Xbox One and PC can finally play the game. So that’s what we’ve done! Keep in mind that this ...

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Making Halo’s Spartans fight in ScrewAttack’s Death Battle: An interview with Chad and Torrian

From Captain America to Halo, there has always been a certain fascination that people have had with supersoldiers, and it is pretty easy to see why. Generally, they are almost always portrayed as the very pinnacle of human evolution, capable of being faster, stronger, and smarter than your average person. However, you rarely get to see what a fight between two supersoldiers ...

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Sony E3 2016 Recap

The Sony E3 2016 press conference. It happened today, and there was been a lot of hype surrounding this show. Sony was lucky enough to avoid too many leaks, so it was an interesting show. You can check out everything that went down by looking at our live coverage of the event below: 9:00pm – The show has begun! On time, I ...

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