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Producer Mike Gamble doesn’t know what Mass Effect 4 is, jokingly says it’s called Mass Effect IV

While actual news regarding Mass Effect 4 has been very scarce since Gamescom 2014, we can at least be certain that Bioware has not forgotten about the game and is still talking about it from time to time. Producer Mike Gamble has recently mentioned the upcoming title in a Twitter discussion about Dragon Age Inquisition. Believe it not, he almost called the ...

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Graphics Card Frame Pacing analyzed

Frame pacing is a term used with regularity in the PC gaming world, although its meaning continues to be somewhat unclear to many PC gamers out there, but luckily the guys from game-debate published a great article in which they thoroughly explain what frame pacing involves. In video games, frame pacing is an essential factor for ensuring a smooth rendition; ...

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Civilization V is free on Steam this week

With Civilization: Beyond Earth coming out on October 24th, 2K Games decided to help fans of the series pass time easier. This week, Civilization V is free on Steam. Usually, Civilization V costs $29.99 on Steam, with expansion packs available either individually or through the Complete Edition. The individual DLC, such as Brave New World or Gods and Kings each ...

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Bethesda says The Elder Scrolls Online patch fixes skill experience issues

Bethesda announced that the maintenance of their Elder Scrolls Online North American megaserver is complete and that everything is back to normal. Following the maintenance, Bethesda also released Patch 1.4.7, which according to them, fixes one of the two major issues with skill experience. More specifically, due to these problems, players are lead to believe that their skill experience is rolling ...

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Graywalkers: Purgatory – Factions update, second batch of Raffle Giveaway

Dreamlords Digital have announced yesterday on Kickstarter that their crowdfunded project, Graywalkers: Purgatory has reached the 57% mark in crowdfunding efforts, with 16 days left to go until the end of the campaign. Meanwhile, developers wanted to let us in on some details regarding the Factions we will be seeing in Graywalkers: Purgatory. As it turns out, Graywalkers is a ...

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Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4’s season pass brings in yetis, prison breaks, new PvP

Publisher Ubisoft has just revealed the contents of Far Cry 4’s upcoming season pass, which include – among others – yetis! Besides encountering the rarest beasts of the Himalayas, season pass owners will also be able to dive into new missions, these ranging from a prison escape focused on cooperation with another player to “wild” assignments including Hurk and his ...

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GTA 5 will not have a PC beta according to Rockstar Games

There have been plenty of rumors regarding the PC version of GTA 5, particularly prior to its official announcement. Now we know for certain that the game will indeed come out, although we’ll have to wait until next year to get our hands on the PC version due to Rockstar delaying it. In any case, now that we know GTA 5 ...

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Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition’s latest video reintroduces Cassandra

Developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts have released a new video for the upcoming semi open-world role-playing title, Dragon Age Inquisition. This latest footage focuses on a returning character from Dragon Age II – Cassandra Pentaghast. The video stars Cassandra’s voice-actor – Miranda Raison – as she explains how she has grown in the time between the two games. Oh, ...

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New Total War: Attila trailer shows how the game handles assaults

A new trailer for Total War: Attila was released, showcasing the game’s fire effects and how it will handle assaults against settlements. The first thing you’ll be able to see is the city of Londinium burning. According to the developers, fires can break out in cities due to burning projectiles or marauding soldiers. Once a fire is started, it can spread ...

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