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New Total War: Attila trailer shows how the game handles assaults

A new trailer for Total War: Attila was released, showcasing the game’s fire effects and how it will handle assaults against settlements. The first thing you’ll be able to see is the city of Londinium burning. According to the developers, fires can break out in cities due to burning projectiles or marauding soldiers. Once a fire is started, it can spread ...

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s minimum requirements revealed

Publisher Activision has revealed Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s minimum system requirements through the game’s Steam page. Although the recommended ones are nowhere to be seen, taking a look at the other set reveals the fact that it’s only a small boost (pun unintended) from last year’s Call of Duty: Ghosts. Memory and graphics cards remain the same, while Call ...

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Here’s what games to expect in the coming week

While most of the highly anticipated games of this period, such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition or next-gen versions of GTA V are only coming out next month, October still has a few releases that are due to arrive. Read on to find out what titles you will be able ...

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Afterfall InSanity

Win an Afterfall InSanity Steam code from Load The Game

Update #1 The contest has ended and the winner has received the code. Thank you all for participating and stay tuned for more opportunities in the future. Original Story Below The year is 2035. About 20 years ago, the citizens of The Republic had to search for a shelter from the hell of the Third World War, yet only a ...

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Deathtrap’s Early Access teaser trailer is here

Independent developer NeocoreGames has released a new trailer for the upcoming Early Access version of its latest title, Deathtrap. This newest sneak-peak gives players a look at the game’s first three maps, various skills, in addition to Deathtrap’s deadly… well, traps. Be clever, be quick, and show no mercy. Deathtrap is a tower-defense game incorporating “strong” role-playing elements. Neocore’s latest ...

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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion – Heavensward – revealed

Publisher Square Enix has revealed the first expansion pack for its massive multiplayer online title, Final Fantasy XIV. Called Heavensward, this first major content update (currently without a price) focuses on the Dragonsong War, which is a thousand-year conflict between Ishgard and Dravania players will have to end. Final Fantasy XIV’s director Naoki Yoshida has also announced Heavensword is part ...

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s launch trailer is here

Publisher Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games have released Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’s launch trailer, in celebration of the game’s imminent release. As it’s custom with Call of Duty’s trailers, one part of the video is dedicated to showcasing an epic romp through the game’s campaign, featuring epic set-pieces and – of course – Kevin Spacey. The other one focuses ...

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Trine series sells over 7 million, releases editing tools for maps

Independent developer Frozenbyte has announced the Trine series has officially sold over seven million (!) copies. To celebrate this latest achievement, the developer has released an editor tool for both Trine: Enhanced Edition and Trine 2: Complete Story, which allows gamers to edit existing maps, in addition to building from ground-up brand-new ones. Even better – everything created can be ...

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Visceral is changing Battlefield: Hardline based on the beta feedback

Visceral Games is making several changes to Battlefiled: Hardline, after receiving feedback from players who participated in the game’s beta. The same feedback was also the cause of Battlefield: Hardline’s delay to 2015. Among the changes implemented in the game, cops and criminals will now be able to carry their own, specific weapons. Furthermore, RPG’s and mines will be harder ...

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Watch 9 new Far Cry 4 features in this gameplay video

A Far Cry 4 gameplay video released by Outside Xbox unveils 9 new features that will be present in Ubisoft’s upcoming game, apart from the elephant riding and the kicking ability that were already showcased. First of all, Far Cry 4 has a new karmic system that gamers might not like too much. It works like this: you are awarded ...

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