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DayZ might run on new engine with DirecX 11 support soon

DayZ has been in the early Alpha testing phase since December 2013 so it’s safe to say that development for the game is progressing rather slowly. Sure, Bohemia Interactive has released plenty of updates since launch and a bunch of interesting features have been already added, with more promised to arrive soon. So what’s taking so long? Gamespot recently caught up with ...

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Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade pre-order prices revealed

Behaviour Interactive announced the launch of the Founder’s Program for their upcoming MMORPG Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade. The company also revealed the prices for the pre-order packs, which range from $40 up to $450. Behaviour explains on their official website what this Program is all about: “Buying any Founder’s Pack is the same as Pre-Ordering the final game. Only with ...

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Ultima Underworld series being revived by original creator

One of its original creators behind the Ultima Underworld series is reviving the franchise. Paul Neurath has formed new development studio OtherSide Entertainment in order to bring out a successor to the dungeon crawling RPG series called Underworld Ascension. This new title will be the first in the series since 1993. Neurath went on to say: “With Underworld Ascension, we ...

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Unreal Engine 4 voted best game engine by developers

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 was recently voted the best game engine by developers in the Develop 100: The Tech List. The voting was done by over 45 technology know-hows, indie devs, and other industry experts. Unreal Engine 4 ranked number two overall on the gaming tech list, being surpassed only by a credit-card sized computer that goes by the ...

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Bioware unveils Dragon Age Inquisition’s “first fully gay” character

Bioware RPGs are well known for featuring characters of all sexual orientations and Dragon Age Inquisition is no different. A few days ago the company revealed Dorian, a Tevinter mage that was said to be the “first fully gay” male character of the series. While this new character seems like a great addition to the companion lineup, the company’s statement managed to raise ...

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Deep Silver unveils Escape Dead Island

Dead Island publisher Deep Silver has announced a new installment in the zombie shooter franchise: Escape Dead Island. Developed by Swedish studio Fatshark, Escape Dead Island follows Cliff Carlo as he arrives on the zombie-infested island of Banoi from the first game, weeks after the events of Dead Island, as he and his friends try and find out exactly what ...

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Crytek launches free-to-play shooter Warface on Steam

Crytek launched the free-to-play multiplayer FPS Warface on Steam today. The game hasn’t been very well received in most parts of the world before, but the company hopes that this move will change all that. “Bringing Warface to Steam paves the way for a new audience to discover the game’s engrossing cooperative and competitive action; completely for free,” Warface director Hasit Zala said. “As ...

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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare adds “Tactical Tacos” free DLC

Today Electronic Arts and PopCap announced that a new expansion pack for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, called the “Tactical Taco Part Pack”, will be available on July 1st. The wacky shooter based on PopCap’s fantastic Plants vs Zombies tower defense series will be adding a new map called Jewel Junction. The sprawling, Western-themed map has a train running through ...

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EA expects a great Xbox One vs PS4 fight during the Holiday

Console owners are not the only ones interested in how the Xbox One vs PS4 battle evolves, many companies also have their reasons for keeping a close eye on the situation. In a recent interview with GamesIndustry International, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore talks about the importance of the second Holiday season for next-gen systems. Xbox One and PS4 launched during ...

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Over 7 thousand stolen Sniper Elite 3 Steam Codes revoked

Sniper Elite 3 developer Rebellion has announced in a forum post on Steam that “a total of 7050 Sniper Elite 3 keys were compromised”, and have revoked all these codes. Rebellion says that these Steam keys were stolen from them and sold to multiple unregistered vendors. From the official post: “To clarify, one of our PC retail distributors informed us ...

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