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PS4 firmware update details expected to arrive “very soon”

Update: Sony posted the following Tweet a short while ago: PS4 system software update 1.74 is coming soon, improves stability of some software. — PlayStation (@PlayStation) July 22, 2014 Original story: We keep hearing news about how Microsoft pushes a new update every month for the Xbox One. Meanwhile, Sony seems to be taking its sweet time in doing the ...

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Harmonix hints at next generation Rock Band

Harmonix has made a survey available to users asking about the future of the Rock Band series. The survey suggests that the developer may be looking at bringing back the music series. The short survey asks a number of questions about Rock Band. It asks how regularly gamers play the game, how often players buy DLC and on what consoles ...

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Is this where God of War 4 is being developed?

Sony Santa Monica revealed the location where their “next great game” for PS4 will be developed. Judging by the picture they’ve tweeted, this studio is absolutely huge so we expect that all games developed there to be equally impressive. They didn’t say anything else about their upcoming great game, but given that the studio is most famous for working on ...

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Naughty Dog discusses The Last of Us Remastered and Uncharted 4

Transitioning from one generation of consoles to the next is never easy for developers, and Naughty Dog knows this better than most. The company explained in a recent interview with Digital Spy how work on The Last of Us Remastered is helping them with the development of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and other PS4 titles. Community strategist Arne Meyer says that jumping ...

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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain might be releasing March 17th, 2015

In a strange turn of events, a major news outlet might have just leaked the release date of Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. The Guardian recently had an interview with legendary producer and director Hideo Kojima regarding the upcoming title. The interview itself is very interesting, but what’s even more interesting is the last paragraph which reveals that: “Metal ...

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Bungie explains why Destiny does not allow cross-platform play

Bungie has explained that Destiny doesn’t allow cross-platform play as the developer does not want to give an advantage to players on next generation consoles. Speaking to PlayStation Lifestyle engineer Roger Wolfson stated that the increased graphical performance of Destiny in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 could give players an unfair advantage over those on older consoles. “Regardless of ...

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The Evil Within releases earlier than previously announced

Here’s something you don’t hear everyday! This year a lot of titles have been delayed and some of them were even pushed back till 2015 so it’s surprising when a company announces that a game will be releasing earlier than anticipated. But this is exactly the case with Bethesda’s upcoming survival horror, The Evil Within. The company announced on Twitter ...

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id Software reveals DOOM gameplay at QuakeCon 2014

id Software presented the first gameplay footage of DOOM at QuakeCon 2014, just like they promised earlier this year. This latest entry doesn’t have any subtitle or number attached to it so it’s just simply called DOOM, a fact that might confuse some people given that the original game also has that name. The original title is one of the first shooters I ...

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PS4 vs Xbox One: Sony is leading for the sixth consecutive month

Microsoft recently stated that Xbox One sales have more than doubled ever since the Kinect was dropped. Unfortunately for the company, it wasn’t enough as according to the latest NPD report, the PS4 outsold the Xbox One yet again and is now in the lead for the sixth consecutive month. PS4 owners are not the only ones that rejoiced when hearing the good news, ...

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