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Persona 3 Reload’s Episode Aigis DLC faced challenges during development and was ultimately removed from the base game

Episode Aigis, the upcoming paid expansion for Persona 3 Reload set to release in September, was initially planned to be part of the remake. According to a Famitsu interview with producer Kazuhisa Wada that Persona Central translated, the team had to give up its goals due to difficulties with the development cycle. “We aimed to incorporate the concluding arc from ...

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Exclusivity poses a significant challenge for major blockbusters, according to a former PlayStation executive

There is a lot of discussion surrounding exclusivity following Microsoft’s choice to bring certain titles to PlayStation, causing some turbulence in the industry. This year has witnessed numerous game developers being laid off as the industry tries to adjust its course after overinvesting during the coronavirus pandemic. With the rising budgets for major titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, there ...

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Everyone is buzzing about the fashion choices in the PS5 exclusive game Stellar Blade

Sony released a demo yesterday for Nikkei: Goddess of Victory developer Shift Up’s highly anticipated console debut, PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade. Although the platform holder has now removed access to the playable teaser, it seems that it was released prematurely. However, there is plenty of footage available to give a glimpse of protagonist Eve’s outfits. STELLAR BLADE demo has some ...

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Xbox Exclusive Sea of Thieves Dominates PS5 Pre-Order Charts with Ease

Microsoft’s move to bring the Xbox exclusive Sea of Thieves to PS5 seems to be sailing smoothly, with the game climbing the pre-order charts on the PS Store. Currently, the rare sailing escapade is dominating several spots on PlayStation’s highly anticipated best-sellers list, even surpassing popular titles such as Dragon’s Dogma 2, Rise of the Ronin, and Elden Ring: Shadow ...

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Helldivers 2 is set for deployment on 14th March with the Cutting Edge Premium Warbond Locked and Loaded

Today’s headline focuses on the liberation of Tien Kwan. The developer, Arrowhead, has unveiled the Cutting Edge Premium Warbond, offering Helldivers a sneak peek at the upcoming arsenal for the forces of democracy. The distribution is set to commence on March 14th in return for a lifetime of service and a suitable number of Super Credits. Cutting Edge offers a ...

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