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What happened to Motion Controls?

Christmas 2006, my family and I crowded around the TV after the turkey had been picked clean and watched in amazement as my little brother flailed his arms around hitting tennis balls, and throwing bowling balls, he was having a temper tantrum because I had taken over his brand new Nintendo Wii. It was the first time me or any ...

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Odell Beckham Jr. on Madden NFL 16 Cover

Madden NFL 16 Cover Athlete Selected

Each year a new Madden NFL game is released and each year a new athlete is selected to don the front cover of the case. This year a vote was held to decide amongst fans who would hold the honour of becoming the cover athlete. The vote was held for two weeks at ESPN.com, Madden Ultimate Team, and Madden NFL ...

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Beginning of the End for Last-Gen Consoles?

It seems as though the eventual switch to new-gen consoles is inevitable. As of today a major company has officially done just that and in doing so has brought the last-gen’s end that much closer. After the official reveal for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate the company confirmed that it would no longer be releasing games for the last generation of consoles – with the ...

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Second Rocket League Beta Announced

Psyonix is now accepting sign-ups for the second closed Beta testing of their upcoming game Rocket League. During their first Rocket League Beta, over one hundred thousand games were played, half a  million goals were scored, and about one million miles were driven. For those of you who have not heard about Rocket League, it is the sequel to the PlayStation 3 title Supersonic Acrobatic ...

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Ubisoft Delays Tom Clancy’s The Division

Back during E3 2013, we were all wooed by the gameplay footage of Tom Clancy’s Division, which boasted an open world in a unique post-apocalypse, along with some of the most impressive visuals on the E3 stage. Since then, there has been little to no word about when in 2015 The Division will be coming out, or any solid details about its ...

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Rock Band 4 – 2015 First 6 tracks

Rock Band 4 is one of next-gen’s music games set to release sometime this fall in competition with Guitar Hero Live. The game is set to allow players to play on guitar, bass, drums, or vocals – dropping the keyboard from prior iterations. It will be releasing on Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Today Rock Band 4 has released their first ...

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Divinity: Original Sin Coming to Xbox One and PS4

Divinity: Original Sin launched on PC, Mac, and Linux in June 2014 to great critical acclaim. It sold almost a million copies and has an extremely dedicated fan base, with some even calling it the best RPG in years. Now, Larian Studios and Focus Home Interactive have teamed up to bring Divinity: Original Sin to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As a prequel to ...

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UK government pledges to give more funding to game developers.

Last week British people voted in the general election to select their Prime Minister for the next half a decade. Despite debates about a second term being governed by a coalition between two political parties, the Conservative party won out right allowing David Cameron to remain in power. Meanwhile in Scotland, on the back of last years failed attempt to ...

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Bargain Bucket: Driveclub Re-Review

That time of year is nearly upon us, the desolate summer months where triple A gaming stops for its vacation and gamers are left with a dark void to fill as they shy away from the sunshine. As the gaming release schedule becomes less packed I have cast an eye back to the games I missed over the last year. ...

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Killzone law suit

The Lawsuit Over Killzone’s Graphics Has Been Dismissed

A joint lawsuit claiming that Sony falsely advertised Killzone Shadow Fall has been dismissed by the State of California. In particular, the accusation was directed at certain statements made about the game’s graphics. Sony said that both Killzone’s single-player and multiplayer modes ran in a native 1080p resolution, when in fact it is only the single-player that does so. Since release, ...

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