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Square Enix JRPG

Square Enix Teases Surprise JRPG for Consoles

In an interview with Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy and translated by Siliconera, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda threw some light on what fans can expect for the coming year and the company’s presentation at E3 2015. Matsuda described his ambition for 2015 to be a “box of surprise” with a lot of new offerings from both the Japanese and western studios. One ...

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Dragon's Dogma Online free-to-play

Capcom Releases First Dragon’s Dogma Online Gameplay Footage

Capcom has released a first look at the gameplay in their upcoming game Dragon’s Dogma Online, as reported by Gematsu. The seven minute long video was released at the Dengeki Bunko Spring Festival in Akihabara, Japan. In addition to giving a nice inside look at the world, the event also revealed some more details. Up to 100 players can join ...

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Releases for the week of March 15-21

Keeping up with the latest game releases can be a full-time job. There are releases every day ranging from the smallest indies, to the largest, multi-million dollar triple-As. In this article you will find the major releases that you can expect this week. These release dates are for North America. Tuesday, March 17th Battlefield Hardline for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox ...

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5 Indie Games You Can’t Afford to Miss

Independent developers are coming out with some of the most unique and innovative games each year. More and more, we are seeing the spotlight turn away from buggy, triple-A releases and focusing instead of these incredible indie experiences. However, with so many releases, it can often be nearly impossible to keep up with, let alone play every indie game that ...

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Naughty Dog Delays Uncharted 4 to Spring 2016

In a statement on the PlayStation Blog, Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, the directors of the highly anticipated game from Naughty Dog Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, have announced that the game’s release date is being pushed back to the spring of 2016. The two explained that, since the first gameplay trailer was revealed, the story and mechanics have become ...

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Wormhole City Screenshot

Wormhole City Kickstarter Campaign Announced

The Kickstarter campaign for Wormhole City has been announced by the game’s developer, Zenrok Studios. This science fiction adventure features third-person platforming, racing, puzzle and action elements. This title will allow players to explore the dystopian Wormhole City and interact with its citizens. The city is controlled by Megacorporation Grail Industries, however the company has not been a worthy ruler. ...

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Project Morpheus V2 virtual reality headset

Sony Announces Project Morpheus Release Window

Sony has revealed the released window for the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) headset. The company’s first foray into VR technology will be available for purchase in the first half of 2016. The electronics giant has also revealed a new iteration of Project Morpheus that features a doubled refresh rate and additional tracking LEDs. This newest iteration of the headset is designed to be ...

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PS Plus Logo

Sony Announces March Free Games Lineup For PS Plus

Sony has announced the March lineup of games that will be available free of charge for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Every month members of the service receive six great games across the company’s three platforms. This month PS Plus members will be able to play four amazing indie titles, a remake of a classic title and a Sherlock Holmes game. Oddworld: Abe’s ...

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White Night PS4 screenshot

OSome Studio Releases Launch Trailer For White Night

White Night, the first game by OSome Studio, will be arriving on the PlayStation 4 console tomorrow. As a result the developer has released a unique music video and launch trailer for the game. The live action music video showcases the game’s somber style, creepy mansion and offers a glimpse at the game’s hidden terrors. OSome Studio is attempting to revisit some ...

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Battlefield Hardline Premium logo

EA Confirms Battlefield Hardline Premium At GDC 2015

Electronic Arts has confirmed the existence of the rumoured Battlefield Hardline Premium service. This service will allow fans of the game to gain access to exclusive content and features. The game’s publisher touts four “super” features that will make the Premium service worth the price. Players will be able to unlock a selection of thematic masks with unique gameplay benefits attached ...

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