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Konami teases game announcements that it claims are “quietly underway”

Building on its recently reported ambitions to resuscitate legendary properties, Konami has stated that it expects to release even more new games. The business noted “new games for well-known franchises” in their New Year’s welcome (posted on Famitsu), probably alluding to the lineup of Silent Hill titles and Castlevania partnership revealed last year. But it said that it also had ...

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The Pokémon Company sues a cryptocurrency company over an NFT game in court

The Pokémon Business sued an Australian cryptocurrency company for using Pokémon franchise characters in an NFT game without permission. According to Vooks, a website for the future NFT game PokéWorld was created by an Australian firm called “Pokémon Pty Ltd” (also known as Kotiota Studios). The Pokémon Company has emphasized that Pokémon Pty Ltd is not a contractor for it ...

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Microsoft commits to bringing Call of Duty to Nintendo over a 10-year period

Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming and Xbox, has stated that after the Activision Blizzard merger is completed, he would love to bring Activision’s Call of Duty series on devices like the Nintendo Switch. The biggest first-person shooter franchise is now coming to Nintendo platforms thanks to a “10-year commitment” made by Microsoft, according to some very huge news ...

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75% of public feedback on Microsoft’s purchase of Activision was favorable

Over the course of a two-week period, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) received 2,100 public emails about Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, with almost 75% of them being supportive. The regulator clarified that a tiny percentage of respondents did not provide a clear opinion and provided a high-level overview of the public’s justifications for their comments. It ...

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Calico’s “Pawsome Edition” update adds new animals, visuals, and other features

We weren’t really impressed with Calico when we evaluated it in January 2021. It’s true that the adorable kitty café sim had a few positive aspects, but problems and glitches plagued the game from every angle, lowering the quality of the overall experience. In an effort to address some of these flaws and add additional content, the game’s creator Peachy ...

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The much-anticipated loadout drops are back in Warzone 2.0 Hot swap

Raven Software, the company behind Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, has revealed that the beloved Loadout Drop is back. A Loadout Drop enabled players and their squad to employ unique loadouts as opposed to the weapons found during the battle royale, a carryover element of the original Warzone. While Loadout Drops spawned at random across the game world, purchasing a ...

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