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Nintendo’s 5-Day Holiday Event Begins With News About Indie Games And Shadow Drops on the Switch eShop

The holiday-themed video series “Inside the House of Indies: Holiday Event” has been introduced by Nintendo. Starting today with the video above, the company will be publishing a brief video on its YouTube account every day for the following five days with news and updates for independent games. Up until December 23rd, a new video will be released every day ...

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Battle, tame, and gather spirits on the lovely Moonstone Island, modeled after Minish Cap

The magnificent Minish-Cap-meets-Stardew-Valley deckbuilder Moonstone Island has received a brand-new trailer from developer Raw Fury, and it highlights one of the game’s core aspects that distinguishes it from other farming simulators and deckbuilders: spirit taming! What is your spirit animal, then? A cat? a turtle? How about a fish bowl with legs or a sentient cup of coffee? As you ...

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More information about Persona 3 and Persona 4 for the Switch is shared by Atlus

Players may anticipate a number of features when Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden both release on Switch on January 19th, 2023, according to publisher Atlus. Although none of the adjustments are really game-changing, they are all very appreciated and should result in a far better experience than the game’s initial releases. Naturally, players should anticipate both games to ...

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Memorha, a First-Person Puzzle Adventure, Will Be Released in 2023

Memorrha, a first-person puzzle game, will be arriving for the Switch very soon, on January 13, 2023, according to a press release from Sticky Stone Studio. This game’s debut has been long anticipated, therefore we are happy to see it now in the release stage. Memorrha’s ambitions to release on Switch were initially revealed in 2018, when it was given ...

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In February 2023, Super Nintendo World Hollywood will debut

The countdown for when the doors will open (do pipes even open?) for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood has been going on ever since it was first revealed. Now that the countdown has reached its final day, Universal Studios has revealed that we can start our journey on February 17, 2023! The theme park in Hollywood will serve ...

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The Switch eShop will release the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection the following year

The Wonder Boy Collection is receiving a small upgrade from ININ Games. On January 26, 2023, the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection, an enhanced digital release of this year’s compilation, will be made available on the eShop. If you’re still unclear, there are a good number of variations from June 2022’s Collection, at least if you purchased the basic version. If ...

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