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VR headsets are here! Kind of. Oculus Rift pre-orders available soon

According to the Oculus Rift website, Virtual Reality headsets may soon be coming to a living room near you. That’s right, starting at 8 A.M. Pacific Time on January 6th, you can pre-order your own Oculus Rift complete with two free games. The free games in question are Lucky’s Tale, a colorful platforming action adventure game featuring a red fox named Lucky ...

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Are Amiibo Cards the Future of Amiibo?

Not too long ago, Nintendo announced that they have shipped around 10.5 million Amiibo since their launch late last year. However, we’re all aware of the issues surrounding the availability of Amiibo figures. Some figures are damn near impossible to find, and even if you can find one for sale, it’s probably from a scalper who’s going to charge you way ...

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HUAWEI P8 GRA 4G Smartphone the Android beast from Gearbest

Huawei released the new P8 and the new P8 Standard GRA 4G models a few months ago. The devices are being thought of as Huawei’s best ones as of now, and the specifications that come along testify for the same. And now at the moment the GearBest launch the Pre-sale of the Huawei P8 Standard Edition GRA 4G Dual SIM ...

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Rooster Teeth’s free and redesigned mobile app is released

On September 10th, 2015, Rooster Teeth unveiled it’s redesigned app for those who want to watch their content on both iOS and Android devices. Compared to an earlier iteration of the Rooster Teeth app, the new app syncs with your Rooster Teeth profile, which means that Sponsors can get their exclusive content on a place other than the Rooster Teeth ...

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Windows 10 email scam

Windows 10 Email Scam

This is just a friendly warning for our readers. Windows 10 was officially released last month and Microsoft decided that they would stagger the release of their free update to users. People were asked to reserve their copy in advance and wait for the release date. Now that the release date has come and gone people have to wait to be notified for when their reservation ...

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Windows 10

Still Waiting for Windows 10? Here’s How to Get it Now

Windows 10 released on July 29th and Microsoft began slowly rolling out the updates to people in waves. As of now there have been 10’s of millions of people who have downloaded the free update and moved on to the new OS. However Microsoft’s reservation tool, which you may have used in the coming months prior to Windows 10’s release, states that your ...

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