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New iPhone 6 images emerge, said to be the real deal

iPhone 6 leaks are coming in at what can only be described as a ridiculous rate. This time around several new images surfaced, which reportedly show the actual device, not some mock-up or concept. It’s becoming more and more difficult to say anything for certain with all these pictures making their way online on a daily basis lately. Granted, these images match with ...

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Twitter under pressure to release data

Reverend Jesse Jackson, a U.S. civil rights advocate has begun pressuring Twitter to follow in the footsteps of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo, to release its employee diversity data, claiming that blacks were underrepresented in the tech community based on racial discrimination rather than on skills and abilities. Jackson has founded The Rainbow Push Coalition, a black empowerment group, with ...

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Microsoft to lay off 18.000 employees

Microsoft has announced on Thursday, July 17th that the company was going to begin massive layoffs of up to 14% of their staff, to be accomplished in the following year. Most affected by these layoffs will be the newly acquired Nokia devices and services division, with a cut of about 12.500 jobs, the company planning to shift non-Windows OS based ...

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Microsoft now allows users to remove search results

Microsoft is following Google in allowing people to request results be removed from searches for certain keywords. A form on Bing allows users to submit a request directly to Microsoft in accordance with the “right to be forgotten” law that came into effect several weeks ago. Microsoft state that they will deal with each request individually and ask users to ...

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Microsoft lagging behind rivals in virtual reality technology

According to Techradar, a source close to Microsoft has revealed that the technology giant is still lagging behind its rivals in getting a virtual reality headset released to the public. Although Microsoft are known to be heavily investing in VR technology and augmented reality, they are still in the very early stages of development. The company will certainly want to ...

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Xbox One sales more than doubled since the Kinect was dropped

It seems like Microsoft’s gamble is already starting to pay off. Last month the company launched a Kinect-less version of the Xbox One for only $400, which put it on par in terms of price with the PS4. Ever since the Kinect was dropped sales have more than double in the US according to “internal data based on retail calendar ...

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iPhone 6 Touch ID sensor said to be more durable than previous model

As we approach the iPhone 6’s rumored September release date more and more details keep leaking in from various sources. This time news comes from French tech portal Nowhereelse, which acquired some pictures of the upcoming flagship’s new Touch ID fingerprint sensor. At first glance the sensor looks just like the one on the iPhone 5s with the exception that ...

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Google gives Project Ara to developers

Creating customizable modular smartphones is probably Google’s most ambitious and interesting project. Called Project Ara, Google’s attempt to bring modular smartphones to the market is now one step closer to reality, because the tech giant has recently announced its intentions to give Project Ara to developers. Google has already accepted some applications from developers, who are more than interested in ...

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