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Specs and Design for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini leak

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is enjoying great sales figures, and the phone, albeit far from being perfect, is generally liked by the general public and consumers world-wide. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely a solid phone, and few current flagships can compete. Perhaps the only notable competition comes from the similar (and perhaps better) HTC One M8, and the upcoming LG ...

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Some cool Android Apps you should have!

We bring you some cool Android apps that we think you should have. You can find plenty of app on the app-store that promise much but don’t really deliver after you download them. These android apps however, really work and will provide you with lots of fun and useful features. Everypost If you’re a heavy social media user and like ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 sales drop for Q3

Samsung Galaxy S5 sold very well since it was first released back in April. The device managed to sell over 21 million units during the second quarter of the year. Recent sales reports reveal that only about 15 million Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones will be shipped in Q3. Galaxy S4 orders for the third quarter have also dropped from 6 million ...

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OnePlus One Review – Cheap, but any good?

The best way to describe the OnePlus One’s design is simple, if a bit generic. But it’s really not about the external casing, which is basically a slab of glass surrounded by a single piece of plastic. It’s about the leading hardware that you are getting for the surprising $299 price. This includes a 1080p, 5.5 inch display, stereo speakers on the bottom ...

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Xbox One vs PS4: Sony is still in the lead

The  Xbox One vs PS4 console wars sales didn’t reveal any big surprises for the month of May. Sony is still currently in the lead and Microsoft is doing a pretty poor job at catching up lately. VGChartz reports that a whooping 577.092 PS4 consoles were sold last month alone while the number of  Xbox One units sold was just 178.481. ...

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LG G3 Mini seems to be in the works

After being the subject of rumors and speculations for a number of months, the LG G3 was finally announced on May 27th. LG’s latest flagship will hit the market sometime later this month, but it looks like the Korean company already has plans for a new device. If rumors are correct, a miniature handset based of the G3 seems to be in ...

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Google’s Nearby Feature to be introduced soon

According Android Police, Google is planning to introduce its Nearby feature with the new Play Services update. It will apparently, enable you to interact with people, places and things near you. Here’s the official description of the feature from a leaked screen acquired by Android Police: “Nearby lets you connect, share, and do more with people, places, and things near ...

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