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Latest Xbox One update comes with external storage support

Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson has announced via Twitter that the Xbox One June update is now rolling out. The system update comes with some highly anticipated features, most notably the addition of external storage support. This means that your Xbox One can now support up to two hard drives at once. This feature was teased earlier this ...

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Apple might support Bitcoin transactions soon

An interesting thing that was revealed by Apple recently is the fact that the company is going to support virtual currencies. Presumably this includes Bitcoin, but maybe others as well. They are going to decide which are the legitimate ones and which are the illegitimate ones, but we don’t know what their criteria will be yet. The official statement regarding this ...

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Swift, a new programming language developed by Apple

Although perhaps the least appreciated by the public, the biggest announcement from Apple’s keynote was the introduction of an entirely new programming language, which is called Swift. We assume the company finally figured that their previous language, Objective C was a bit old and they needed a change. Objective C was considered to be a little bit cumbersome and difficult to ...

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OS X Yosemite changes mostly revolve around its interface

Apple revealed during the WWDC that the OS X Yosemite suffered a number of changes in regards to its user interface. If we were to look at under the hood changes however, we wont find much. In the past we’ve heard about things like the new power management features. But in this case the focus seemed to be on the ...

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome 64-bit Dev and Canary available for Windows

Google announced it will launch the 64-bit version of Chrome for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, starting with the 64-bit Dev and Canary. You can download them from Google’s official site by clicking on Dev or Canary. As its name suggest, the Dev channel will get updated fervently and it’s meant for developers to test all the new features before ...

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Justin.tv is deleting all video archives on June 15

Justin.tv announced that they’re going to delete all archived videos next week. They are also killing the Premium account option and the ability to record live video streams. According to the company, people just don’t watch recorded videos that much. They say that more than half  are never watched while the most popular are watched only 10 times or fewer. This seems ...

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Google spends more than $1 billion to improve internet access

Apparently Google plans to spend more than $1 billion on a satellite system that’s going to spread internet access to the far reaches of the world. This is a familiar story of course. To increase ad revenues Google needs to make the web far more accessible to more people. This latest project will start with about 180 small satellites orbiting the ...

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The NSA reportedly has the most advanced facial recognition technology

Reports are claiming that the NSA is collecting millions of digital pictures from the internet everyday, including thousands of facial recognition images. Information is very important as we’ve learned from the Edward Snowden trial of leaked National Security Agency documents. The pictures are extracted from e-mails, text messages, social networks, video conferences and other types of communication. The story also reveals some interesting details, ...

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