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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumored for a pre IFA launch

Many people assume that the IFA Trade Show, which takes place during September 5-10 would be the perfect place to release the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. However, the most recent rumors suggest that it’s more plausible for the device to be launched a couple of days before the event kicks off. This information was apparently leaked to Android Geeks by a ...

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 update stopped

T-Mobile announced a few days ago that it was releasing an update for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The update in question was meant to fix a bug that’s been plaguing S5 owners for some time now. The bug is causing incoming SMS and MMS failure, which can be quite annoying when you happen to be waiting for an important message and you ...

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Microsoft is working on adding up features to the Nokia X2

After the great partnerships between Nokia and Microsoft began, we heard that Microsoft will be adding a home button to the new line of smartphones, called X-smartphones series. Now, a new Android-based Nokia device will be released soon by Microsoft and a few rumors have been heard about it, based on a recent leak. The Android smartphone will be called ...

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Windows 8.1 with Bing confirmed by Microsoft

Windows 8.1 with Bing is a new edition of the operating system that’s being developed for lower cost devices. Microsoft announced that this new version will come with all the benefits provided by the Windows 8.1 Update and that Bing will be set as the default browser within Internet Explorer. The company does mention that you change that setting at any ...

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Google is releasing a tablet with advanced vision capabilities, but only for developers

Google has been experimenting with advanced vision capabilities for mobile devices and now moves on to developing a high-end tablet. It’s said the company is planning to produce up to 4000 7-inch tablets starting next month. The device will come with two back cameras featuring infrared depth sensors and an advanced software that can capture 3D images. A person close ...

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Samsung’s Tizen powered Gear Solo to be released this year!

Samsung has a good reputation among the smartwatch developers. So far, the smartwatches can be connected with mobile devices through Wi-Fi and keep consumers updated without taking the smartphone out of their pockets or purses.  Rumors have been heard these days about a smartwatch that will stand alone and work independently from a smartphone or tablet. The new device will ...

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Check out Surface Pro 3’s CPU info and pricing!

The Surface Pro 3 was announced earlier this week and the official specifications sheet was saying that the tablet will be available with the 4th generation Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processors. Microsoft’s engineers explained though, what are the specifications for the base and top models, separately. The base model – i3 i3 – 4020Y processor 1.5 GHz, Intel ...

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Smartisan T1 to be Apple’s next rival?

Luo Yonghao, Smartisan Technology’s chief executive, unveiled his latest smartphone earlier this week. Dubbed Smartisan T1, the smartphone runs on Android, the Google mobile operating system. Smartisan T1 has a familiar slate appearance, being 141 mm tall, 68 mm wide and 8.23 mm thick . The phone’s design was made by Ammunition Group, which includes the former Apple designer Robert ...

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Samsung’s VR handset plans to beat Oculus Rift and Morpheus!

From smartphones to Smart TVs, from smartwatches to air conditioners, Samsung wants everything to be connected and virtual. The Korean company is not fooling around when it comes to technology, advance and innovation.  This time, they are working on a VR device that will be released at the end of 2014, determined to be the Oculus Rift’s and Sony’s Project Morpheus competition.  ...

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QuickCircle – Wireless charging case for the LG G3

LG unveiled a wireless charging case that allows you to use the phone without opening the flap, dubbed QuickCircle. The case features a circular window, hence the name, so you can make calls, send text messages, take photos and even “get an update of your health” as LG stated, without opening the cover. The case has a feature called Smart ...

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