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Xperia Z4 launched, but it’s not the phone we expected

Today, Sony launched the new Xperia Z4 flagship in Japan, and so far it seems to be exclusive to the country. Although many were looking forward to the Sony flagship smartphone of the year, it seems like the Xperia Z4 will either not be the flagship, or will not even be released in the U.S. anytime soon. There’s a lot ...

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Ikea unveils wireless charging furniture coming to the U.S.

Ikea is getting with the times and with the world of the internet of things, as the company has announced that it would introducing wireless charging furniture into the U.S. furniture market soon enough. Imagine laying your phone or smart watch down on your classy Ikea couch and having it charge wirelessly while you take a nap or watch Netflix. ...

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Oppo R7 design is most impressive of all

The Oppo R7 is the upcoming leader in bezelless smartphones, demonstrated in a new Oppo R7 hands on video that was published on Youtube earlier today. Even though when you think bezelless, you think truly bezelless on all sides, but most tech enthusiasts know that at the moment, that is impossible as there still has to be room for hardware ...

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iPhone is the terrorist phone according to government

The iPhone and the iOS ecosystem in general has been accused countless times of being favorable to malicious actors such as terrorist by the U.S. government and the FBI in particular. There have been many accusations against the iPhone and against Tim Cook saying that the encryption that Apple uses in its smartphones is a tool for terrorist to communicate ...

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Chrome OS adds Google Now functionality to Chromebooks

Google has sent out a fresh Chrome OS update to the Chromebook line-up this week and fans seem to be delighted with what that update actually contained. Apparently, from now on Chrome OS will benefit from the features that Google Now offers, including voice commands and Now cards. Up until now, we knew that Google Now for Chrome OS was ...

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BlackBerry Passport discount initiated as sales plummet

The BlackBerry Passport is now discounted in the BlackBerry shop as the company is facing plummeting sales across the smartphone market. It seems that the Canadian company over-estimated the sales that they would be making with the newly launched BlackBerry Passport and Classic and since the numbers they had estimated are not being met, a discount to their new phones ...

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Android 5.1.1 Lollipop spotted over at Google

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is the next installation in the brand new software update and mobile operating system from Google and it was first referenced by Motorola as the update that will contain the memory leak bug fix. The memory leak bug causes RAM to be overloaded and apps to crash and it is present in most Lollipop builds on most ...

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Microsoft Xbox One

Xbox One Receiving an Energy Saving Update

To Xbox One users near and afar, know that your beloved console is never off.  You are adding to your electricity bill by not unplugging your console.  But fear not, there is a new update on the way.  Microsoft intends on giving Xbox users the option of “Energy Saving” or “Instant On.”  However, will it be as effective as they ...

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MergeVR is the new cheap virtual reality for mobile

MergeVR is the newcomer in the virtual reality for mobile industry with their newly announced VR headset, strictly for mobile use. MergeVR will be available for both Android and iOS mobile devices, including larger smartphones. MergeVR is going to be available alongside its VR Motion Controller and it’s going to be the cheapest that we’ve seen until now, except for Google ...

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