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Android game developers get a helping hand from Google

Google has announced today that it would be helping out Android game developers in their future endeavors by providing a set of new tools. These new tools are specifically targeted at Android game developers who work to provide game enthusiasts comprehensive, fun games that they can access from the Google Play Store. Google thought that these developers were in need ...

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Instagram introduces clickable advertisements

Instagram gave in to pressure from various companies who advertise on the social media network and announced that it would allow clickable advertisements to ¬†show up in feeds starting today. Until now, Instagram allowed ads all around, but it didn’t allow a layout that would incorporate URLs that could be clicked by users of the social media network. As advertising ...

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Galaxy S6 price revealed, not as expensive as we thought

The Galaxy S6 was unveiled at the MWC 2015 on Sunday, just ahead of the official start of the event on March 2nd. Samsung held a massive press conference where representatives of the company detailed the new ways in which the Galaxy S6 will engage the user. Among these new features, the company emphasized a metal unibody, which came with ...

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Android Wear getting iOS support at I/O Google

Android Wear is not a cross-platform operating system at the moment, even though there are units out there which have bypassed the software restrictions with the use of a few hacks and made the OS compatible with iOS devices, such as the iPhone 6 and the iPad. There are many iPhone and iPad users who would be interested in purchasing ...

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MacBook Air release date coincides with Apple Watch launch

On March 9, just after the MWC 2015 show concludes, Apple has scheduled its Apple Watch launch event, but the timepiece might not be alone at the show. According to various rumors, reportedly started by “people close to the company”, the Apple Watch launch will be accompanied by the 12 inch Retina MacBook Air, to make the show as flamboyant ...

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Nvidia Shield: not a tablet, but a cloud-powered console

The Nvidia Shield “is made to game”, and it’s not a name that is referring to a tablet this time. Nope, it’s referring to Nvidia’s first console, the Nvidia Shield console, and it’s quite impressive and cheap. For $200, you get the newest technology from Nvidia and we’re curious to see how this sizes up next to other consoles like ...

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Sony’s Project Morpheus delayed to 2016

As virtual reality was a pretty big conversation topic in the past couple of days at the MWC 2015 fair in Barcelona, Spain, we’ve got news about yet another virtual reality headset that has been in development for quite a while now: Project Morpheus. Project Morpheus belongs to Sony, as it is the company’s own take on a virtual reality ...

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OnePlus Two release date might be set for April

The OnePlus Two has been announced as in development last year by the OnePlus team, but no definite release date for the successor to the 2014 flagship killer was disclosed. OnePlus as a company is rapidly growing out of the near-basement startup to an international company that is thinking of expanding into European and American markets. The company has opened ...

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Why there isn’t a Snapdragon 810 in the Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge were launched at the MWC 2015 on Sunday, and besides being moderately innovative, one of the surprises they brought was the actual absence of the Snapdragon 810 chipset. Many of us knew that Samsung would go for their own Exynos chipsets for the Galaxy S6 and its curved, dual-edge screen variant, but we ...

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YotaPhone 2, the novelty-phone, coming to the U.S.

The famous (or infamous) Russian YotaPhone 2 is coming to U.S. shores soon enough, although not to the retail stores you would have thought. The YotaPhone 2 is famous because it is a smartphone that has not one, but two displays built in. Even though one is just an e-ink panel on the back panel of the phone, the phone ...

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