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We Happy Few – First Impressions

We Happy Few is one of the most anticipated games in recent memory. Trailers and early-access gameplay blew gamers away last year – since PAX East 2015, it’s been near impossible to talk about upcoming games without someone mentioning We Happy Few. Now, players on Xbox One and PC can finally play the game. So that’s what we’ve done! Keep in mind that this ...

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Samsung’s Flow, helps bridge gap between its devices


Apple’s continuity remains one of its ecosystems most-lauded features, which only its invested customers enjoy. So far, no other company has attempted to successfully bridge the gap between its devices – until now. Samsung has introduced the Flow app, which allows content to be sent across its devices, taking more than a few notes from Apple in the process. Users ...

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Fourth Evolve monster and alpha access granted to all who pre-order


Turtle Rock Studios just released a brand new trailer for Evolve, their upcoming action packed 4v1 online shooter. The trailer reveals some very interesting new info regarding the bonuses that you’ll get if you pre-order the game. Most of the video is about the new Savage Goliath skin, which gives the monster a red glow. The skin is included in ...

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Heroes of the Storm is now in its final Alpha testing phase, Europe will finally have access starting with October 9th


Heroes of the Storm has come back online and the final alpha testing phase is now underway. Blizzard released a brand new major patch that brings a large number of changes to the game. First off, all accounts have been wiped clean, but the company says that this was the last planned wipe. Any money you might have spent on in-game purchases ...

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Bloodborne Collector’s Edition announced and detailed


Back at E3 2014, From Software and Sony unveiled what can only be described as the spiritual successor to Dark Souls and Demon Souls. This PS4 exclusive title is called Bloodborne and it’s what everybody has been talking about since the grand reveal. During the Tokyo Game Show 2014 it was announced that the game will be launched on February 6th, ...

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From Software has started sending invites for Bloodborne Alpha


Earlier today From Software has started sending out invites for the Alpha phase of their highly anticipated RPG Bloodborne. The developer hasn’t revealed the requirements for participating in the test phase, but a number of people have already received emails telling them about the Alpha. Thee is no mention about when the Bloodborne Alpha begins, although one can only imagine ...

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Shadow Realms officially announced by Bioware at Gamescom 2014


Bioware unveiled their new IP, Shadow Realms during EA’s press conference at Gamescom 2014. The developer teased us with short live-action videos for the last couple of weeks so we’re happy that we can finally see what all the fuss is about. Although the said teasers hinted at a pretty spooky game, they didn’t reveal its genre. Well, now we know that ...

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Dota 2 Workshop Tools seem to be running on the Source 2 engine

As most of you probably know already the original Defense of the Ancients started off as just a mod for Warcraft 3. Blizzard’s excellent real-time strategy game had a plethora of community-created mods, but Dota is definitely the most famous by far. It did spawn a brand new genre of games after all. Its successor, Dota 2 managed to become even ...

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Blizzard unveils new Heroes of the Storm battleground

The folks over at Blizzard Entertainment just unveiled a brand new battleground for their upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm. Entitled Garden of Terror, this new map is a three-lane battleground that features a controllable day and night cycle. That aspect is pretty interesting by itself, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. Senior Technical Designer Meng Song is ...

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