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CyberpowerPC Releases VR Ready Desktop for $499

Virtual Reality was one of the hottest aspects of the gaming industry in 2016, and will only become more prevalent in the coming years. Many Steam games now offer VR support, but it’s not exactly widespread due to the limited adoption of VR technology in the gaming community at large. This lack of prevalence is not often by choice, however. ...

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NVIDIA and AMD Graphics Card Comparison.

Nvidia and AMD cards comparison

Were getting up towards the end of the year now and new graphics cards are appearing. Within this graphics card comparison will we cover the top 3 graphics cards, how these were ranked, and why these things even matter. 1. The NVIDIA TITAN X (Pascal) This graphics card is claimed by NVIDIA to be 3x faster when compared to the 900 ...

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AMD reveals 300 series, and Fury X

AMD’s conference announced the company’s latest range of GPUs – the 300 series and the Fury series. In total, eight GPUs were announced. The R7 segment of the 300 range consists of the 360 and 370, these will be aimed towards online gamers who prioritise energy efficiency. The R9 series makes up AMD’s mid-range and higher end segment of cards. ...

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New 15″ MacBook Pro Announced with Force touchpad and AMD graphics

MacBook Pro

In addition to their force touchpad toting MacBook and 13″ MacBook pro, Apple have announced the 15″ MacBook pro. Its force touchpad offers the same functionality as the one seen on these models: ‘taptic’ feedback when performing certain tasks, providing a sense of depth to the pad. Apple have opened up the developer API for the trackpad, meaning that we can expect to ...

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Dell showcases Alienware 15 and 17 gaming laptops at CES 2015

Dell took full advantage of all the hype currently going on at CES 2015 to unveil a few of their own products, including a couple of new Alienware gaming laptops. First off, we have what seems to be the world’s lightest 15-inch Alienware laptop in the form of the Alieware 15. This machine is also thinner than previous offerings and ...

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Ubisoft slams AMD for their Assassin’s Creed Unity shortcomings

Ubisoft is still struggling with numerous performance issues in Unity’s gameplay and the developer has not yet found the ideal formula to overcome these shortcomings. Two patches have been deployed last week for the PC and PS4 versions, while the Xbox One version is also scheduled for some serious patching shortly. Recently, Digital Foundry tested Unity’s performance across both current-gen ...

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AMD Radeon R9 290X 8GB cards are now available

AMD seems to be making all the right moves in the last couple of weeks. After introducing a price cutting strategy for its high-end Radeon R9 290X and R9 290 models, the highly anticipated 8GB version of the Radeon R9 290X is finally available. Four R9 290X models have been identified on OCUK. AMD’s long-term partner, Sapphire has released two ...

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