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Android Silver still alive

android silver

A few weeks ago we were talking about how Android One and Google’s Nexus project will probably contribute to Android Silver being cancelled as a project. First, we thought that the Nexus line was being crushed by Android Silver, then the other way around, but it seems that neither of those rumors are true and Android Silver is alive and ...

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Android Silver might be cut

android silver

Rumors about Android Silver overpowering the Nexus line were heard at the beginning of Summer, but Google has stated that the Nexus line is alive and kicking, reinforcing speculations about a new Nexus 6 smartphone joining Google’s Nexus portfolio. Android Silver has been absent from the news ever since, with no mention from Google about what it’s planning for the ...

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HTC’s Nexus tablet rumored to be called Volantis


We’ve heard earlier this year that HTC might be building the new Nexus tablet, but these were only rumors until now. However, thanks to Android Police, we not only know that the company is indeed working on it, but we also have the name and specs for the new device. According to their sources, the tablet is being called Volantis (also known ...

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Android Silver to replace Nexus


It seems that Google’s Nexus line of products is on the way out if rumors are to be trusted. Evleaks, a leaker that has been right many times before, revealed that Google wants to replace Nexus with a new brand called “Android Silver”. Although the first Silver devices are scheduled to launch at the beginning of next year (February), it ...

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HTC One Remix might be coming to Verizon


According to a recent Twitter leak, the HTC One Remix will soon be making its way to Verizon. The device looks to be very similar to the recently announced HTC One Mini 2, but also burrows some design elements from the HTC One M8. HTC One Remix, for Verizon [discussion: http://t.co/XvFgRppiFI] pic.twitter.com/sFO3JyBNd1 — @evleaks (@evleaks) May 17, 2014 The HTC ...

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LG handset rumored to be among the first Android Silver devices


The Android Silver program is a partnership between Google and manufacturers aimed at offering premium support to customers. Reports say that only a few devices, handpicked by Google will qualify for Silver Certification. Furthermore, only five handsets can receive the Silver status at any given time. These devices must run on the latest version of Android and will not be ...

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Google ends the Nexus line in behalf of the upcoming Android Silver


Google is planning to end the Nexus line while offering a new premium experience with the upcoming Android Silver. This is not the first time rumors about Google killing Nexus appeared on the internet, it’s been said that the Google Play Edition will replace the Nexus line in 2015, so the news regarding the Android Silver devices are not surprising. ...

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