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Your iPhone 6 games have just gotten more expensive


Rising prices are never good news, but alas, that’s what we have to report. Apple has just raised the minimum pricing for games on the App Store, so if you were looking for some cheap games for your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you’re either going to have to face some bigger prices, or should buy some now, before ...

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Apple Removes ‘Free’ From Free To Play

Apple Removes 'Free' From 'Free To Play'

Apple has made further changes in its approach to listing free-to-play games on its App Store by replacing the term “FREE” with “GET” from the buy button from free-to-play games that include in-app purchases. Consumer regulatory commissions, such as Federal Trade Commission, U.K. Office of Fair Trading and the European Commission, have been taking action against distributors of free-to-play child-friendly ...

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War now available on iOS devices

Valiant Hearts - The Great War

Ubisoft has just announced that its puzzle-adventure title set during World War I – Valiant Hearts: The Great War – is now available for purchasing on the App Store. Because the game is split into four chapters, the first one will set you back £2.99, while the other three chapters are available as separate downloads, each for £2.49. Alternatively, you ...

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Google Play revenue is almost all from Freemium apps


A new report from App Annie has revealed that almost all the revenue from Google Play comes from Freemium apps. The site also stated that the vast majority of apps bought from the store are games, at 40%, and that the platform has seen huge growth in the last 6 months in the number of downloads made. While it is ...

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The SwiftKey Android app is now free


The Android app SwiftKey previously cost $3.99 to download but now it costs $0, which is obviously a big change in the business model. This is a very bold decision made by the company. $4 wasn’t all that cheap to begin with as far as Android apps go so to drop the price tag entirely is going to close an ...

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Apple might support Bitcoin transactions soon


An interesting thing that was revealed by Apple recently is the fact that the company is going to support virtual currencies. Presumably this includes Bitcoin, but maybe others as well. They are going to decide which are the legitimate ones and which are the illegitimate ones, but we don’t know what their criteria will be yet. The official statement regarding this ...

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OS X Yosemite changes mostly revolve around its interface


Apple revealed during the WWDC that the OS X Yosemite suffered a number of changes in regards to its user interface. If we were to look at under the hood changes however, we wont find much. In the past we’ve heard about things like the new power management features. But in this case the focus seemed to be on the ...

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Apple unveils Metal, graphics tech for iOS gaming


Apple reveal iOS gaming boosting tech called Metal during the WWDC today. The new technology developed for iPad and iPhone is aimed at increasing the efficiency of processing power. Following the official announcement of iOS 8, the company talked about some of the benefits provided by Metal. The technology was designed for Apple’s A7 chips and is said to reduce OpenGL overhead. This ...

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ShareFile for iPhone is now available on the app store


Recently a very useful service called ShareFile has become available on the iPhone, and you can now download it from the App Store. Citrix ShareFile is a secure way of sending and storing files over the internet. The last thing you want to do is just grab an attachment, throw it into the email, and send it out into the open internet. Why? ...

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