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Galaxy A7 vs iPhone 6 Plus: premium features compared


OEMs are starting to gravitate more and more towards giving users a phone that can be called premium, made up of high-end materials. Samsung is trying to do just that ever since the Galaxy S5 was so massively criticizes for the cheap, band-aid-like plastic chassis. The Galaxy Alpha was the first premium phone from the South Korean company, followed by ...

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Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 6 Plus: premium and functional compared

The Galaxy S5 gets compared to the iPhone 6 Plus in specs, design, price and features

The Galaxy S5 was one of the most criticized, yet one of the best selling devices of 2014. The handset was launched early in the year, as usual, and while the design of the device was atrocious as some might say, the functionality and features that were build into the band-aid were quite impressive. The Galaxy S5 design was and ...

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