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Google introduces us to Android Wear ahead of I/O 2014


Google came out shortly before their annual I/O developers conference and launched a video in which they showcase some of the features that we might be able to expect from Android Wear. The video is mostly geared towards developers and is being presented by Timothy Jordan, a Google dev who’s part of the Android Wear team. Even though it’s not ...

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iWatch will reportedly have multiple designs and sensors


A new report suggests that Apple’s long rumored smartwatch, which is known as the iWatch, is not only going to be released this fall, but will also come equipped with multiple sensors to help provide diagnostic information and more. The Wall Street Journal reports that the device, which could be released as early as October, will supposedly come with over 10 ...

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Details about the iPhone 6 and iWatch displays emerge


There’s a lot of pressure on Apple right now, as 2014 is an important year for the company. Following a dull 2013 with little major Apple products being released (no, we can’t count the iPhone 5S or 5C as brand new products), the company is now preparing to release several flagship devices. Recent polls would suggest that the iPhone 6 ...

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Apple Reveals $1,099 iMac


Apple has unveiled its latest entry into the iMac family–a lower-cost $1,099 iMac. The new iMac will be 21-inches in size, but of course won’t be as powerful as its $1,299 cousin, as it will contain a 1.4GHz Core i5 processor with Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz, the same power you’d find in the MacBook Air. Clearly, Apple has sacrificed power ...

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GameVice snap-on controller announced for iPad Mini


Wikipad are bringing a snap on controller to the iPad Mini called the Gamevice. The MFi controller attaches to the Apple tablet, bringing more traditional gaming controls to the tablet. The full specifications include dual analog sticks, triggers, a d-pad, four face buttons and shoulder buttons. From looking at the picture you will probably have noticed the similarity between the ...

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The Android patents that Microsoft was hiding have been revealed


Microsoft claims that most Android phones infringe on multiple patents, but has never revealed what those patents are. The company could make as much as a billion dollars a year on Android-related patents and wants to keep them secret, but the Chinese government revealed a list of more than 300 Microsoft patents and applications. These are from mobile phone technologies ...

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The SwiftKey Android app is now free


The Android app SwiftKey previously cost $3.99 to download but now it costs $0, which is obviously a big change in the business model. This is a very bold decision made by the company. $4 wasn’t all that cheap to begin with as far as Android apps go so to drop the price tag entirely is going to close an ...

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