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Destiny weapon changes inbound-Part 2: Exotic cases


(If you want to see how Bungie will change how your favorite normal weapons, read Destiny weapon changes inbound-Part 1: Normal weapons.) With all the weapon balancing changes that Bungie intends to do with Destiny, it is needless to say that your favorite Exotic and raid weapons will be affected as well. While this will bring new life to some ...

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Destiny weapon changes inbound-Part 1: Normal weapons


(If you’re more interested in seeing how Bungie will change certain Exotic weapons, read Destiny weapon changes inbound-Part 2: Exotic cases.) With just a little over a month left before Bungie releases The Taken King expansion for Destiny, it was inevitable that there would be a major patch hitting Destiny sometime soon. Today, Bungie released the details on what they ...

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There’s a good reason why Heroes of the Storm doesn’t allow bans in Draft Mode


Pretty much every MOBA out there features several game modes, each with its specific rules and restrictions. If you’re a Dota 2 or League of Legends player, you’re likely already familiar with some of the Draft Modes. These modes allow teams to take turns picking their heroes (or champions) before the actual game begins. In some of these modes players have the ...

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Hearthstone will receive more than 100 new cards says Blizzard


Blizzard recently introduced the final wing of Hearthstone’s first expansion pack, Curse of Naxxramas. The Adventure added more than 30 new cards to the game, but it seems this was only the beginning as the company plans on adding a lot more in the future. We’re talking about more than 100 new cards, which is quite a massive amount and may actually ...

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Facebook and Publicis Groupe to be long-term partners


Last week, Facebook struck a multiyear partnership with the advertising company Publicis Groupe. The deal that’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars will allow Publicis to access Facebook’s ad inventory and data, and to maintain the balance between Instagram and videos from the social network. Publicis Groupe has clients like Procter & Gamble, Verizon, and Coca-Cola, so a partnership with ...

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League of Legends 4.5 patch brings new items and changes to Gragas and Rengar


Following the Ultra-Rapid-Fire mode’s release, Riot is doing some major overhauls to many of League of Legends’ champions, while adding new items and changing runes significantly. The patch logs are extensive, but we’ll be trying to narrow things down for you guys. First, let’s talk about Gragas and how’s he’s being nerfed/buffed (depending on your vantage point). Gragas lost some ...

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