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Blizzard continues to ban Hearthstone accounts found to be using bots


Blizzard is continuing its righteous crusade against Hearthstone cheaters by issuing another round of bans against them. The company is well known for its no nonsense approach when it comes to cheating in Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft, so it was only natural that it would use the same approach in Hearthstone as well. Blizzard announced earlier that a ...

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Cheating in Hearthstone will not be tolerated says Blizzard as it bans thousands of players


Blizzard has a long history of dropping the banhammer on players found cheating in their games. Whether we’re talking about World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3 cheaters, the company doesn’t discriminate and bans them all the same. Now Blizzard has started cracking down on Hearthstone players as well and has banned several thousands of them already for “botting”. The players were ...

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League of Legends looking for new ways to deal with toxic players


MOBAs are notorious for having some of the most unforgiving communities out there. If you’re a new player it can be really hard to learn the game while you’re being called a noob every two minutes. League of Legends in particular has arguably the worst reputation when in comes to its community, although it has gotten a little better lately ...

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