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Titanfall 2 – The Unlockable WW1 Skin


In a post from the official Titanfall Twitter account, it was announced Titanfall 2 players can unlock a Battlefield 1 inspired Red Baron skin, known in the world of Titanfall as “Warpaints,” which is pictured below, by playing Battlefield 1. The skin has the classic red-and-white color scheme the original Red Baron, Manfred von Richthofen, applied to his planes. This fits ...

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All Future Battlefield 4 DLC Will Be Free


DICE has announced that all future Battlefield 4 DLC will be free. This content will be free for both premium and n0n-premium players. According to BF4Central, the content DICE will be releasing ranges from new maps to weapons. Along with these additions, a new mode called Gunmaster will be coming in an upcoming Spring patch. No further details were mentioned ...

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Battlefield Hardline May Get Premium Service

Battlefield Hardline

The Battlefield Hardline open beta is ongoing, however it has already yielded some new information about the final game. The latest entry in the Battlefield series may be getting a Premium service at some point. Battlefield Premium has acted as the season pass for every game in the series starting from Battlefield 3. It usually includes all of the expansion packs for the specific title, ...

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Battlefield 4 Final Stand gets official gameplay trailer

Battlefield 4 FS Official trailer

Electronics Arts and DICE have just released their latest Battlefield 4 DLC, the Final Stand, which is currently available exclusively to premium members of the game. The remainder of the Battlefield 4 crowd will be getting the Final Stand DLC this December 2nd. It’s worth pointing out that Final Stand is available on all platforms. To celebrate this early exclusive ...

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Battlefield 4’s Final Stand DLC gets a release date

FInal Stand

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced Battlefield 4’s appropriately-named final downloadable package – Final Stand – will be released on November 18th. While Premium member will get it then, non-members will have to wait until December 2nd. Final Stand features four new maps based on Russia’s artic landscape – ‘Operation Whiteout’, ‘Hammerhead’, ‘Giants of Karelia’, and ‘Hangar 21′ – in addition to ...

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What to expect in Battlefield 4 Final Stand

Battlefield 4 final stand - LTG

The Battlefield Final Stand is closing in very fast, and developers are willing to let us in on some behind the scenes “intel” until we’ll be able to fully enjoy this upcoming expansion. The official Battlefield blog reveals information on featured maps, gears, gadgets, and more. First off, make sure you suit up accordingly, because the snow storm is coming ...

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Battlefield 4 now available as a free trial for PS Plus members


Starting today, PlayStation Plus members will benefit of a special offer regarding Battlefield 4. They will be able to download the game for free on PlayStation 3 and play 168 hours with the entire experience. This means, unlimited play, just as if you had bought the game. The offer includes both the single-player campaign and the multiplayer mode. Sony wasn’t ...

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Battlefield 4 Fall update rolling out, patch notes revealed


A massive Battlefield 4 patch is currently rolling out on all platforms. This ‘Fall’ update brings with it a wide variety of changes to the core game and DLC s along with bug fixes and tweaks aimed at improving stability and balance. Battlefield 4 was riddled with bugs when it launched almost one year ago and DICE has been trying ...

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